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Not many men can boast that they were given the ball ahead of Roger Clemens in the playoffs.

But Pete Munro can.

Yes, the Rocket — or the Juicer, if you prefer — had only three days rest in the third week of October 2004 — and Houston held a 3-2 lead in a Best-of-Seven NLCS Series at the time — so Astros’ manager Phil Garner decided to go with Munro.

It backfired.

Munro was rocked for eight hits and four earned runs in 2 1/3 innings in that Game 6 start. But in all fairness, it was the Houston bullpen that picked up the loss. Dan Miceli only got one out while taking the loss. As we all remember, Houston went on to lose the NLCS in Game 7 and Brad Lidge went on to single-handedly ruin my fantasy team’s ERA the next year. Thank you Mr. Albert Pujols.

But in all seriousness, Munro’s Game 6 start is a moment that not many Atlantic League pitchers can say they were a part of. Here are Munro’s thoughts about getting the ball instead of Clemens: (You can read the rest of the interview with here).

“I think in any other circumstance, if Roger (Clemens) had four days off, he’d definitely be the guy to take the bump,” Munro told “Given that he’s been on three days’ rest a few times already, and this isn’t a must win, we’re up a game, I think that they wanted to give Roger an extra day. That they went with me is amazing to me. It’s a feeling that I never had before.”

I get the feeling that Munro could turn into something special for the York Revolution this year. Of course, I haven’t talked to him yet and I haven’t seen him pitch live, but from watching the YouTube clips, and examining his background, he seems like a real feisty guy. You have to like that in a pitcher.

And someone who’s willing to spend an entire year in Taiwan is someone with a bit of character. As we learned with Wayne Franklin, it’s not an easy time over there when you’re an American. So give Munro credit for making it the whole season.

Now it’s time to see what he can do back in the United States with the Revs.


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  1. As reported on Barnstormin’ and the Atlantic League Baseball News Blog, Carl Everett is returnig to Long Island. Read about it here.

    Also, another interesting story from the Ducks’ site. One about a father and son camping out 77 hours in advance of tickets going on sale. Yikes!

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