Revs find quick relief

On the heels of losing Steve Schmoll to the Washington Nationals, the York Revolution acted quickly to replace him. The Revs signed righty Dan Foli to an official contract on Friday.

Foli, 27, was selected by the Chicago Cubs in the 31st round of the 2001 draft and has brief experience at the Triple-A level. He pitched in 10 games for Triple-A Columbus last season, posting a 3.14 ERA in those outings. For his career, Foli has a 23-26 record and a 4.35 ERA in 432 1/3 minor league innings.

It looks like he was used as a starter throughout parts of his time in professional baseball, but looking at his career stats I would be surprised if he beat out any of the five pitchers currently slated to start the year in the Revs’ rotation. Check out his career numbers here.

Dan Foli is the son of Tim “Crazy Horse” Foli, a shortstop who only walked an astonishing 14 times in over 150 games played in 1982 (Current Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen broke that mark only three years later). Tim Foli spent time with the New York Mets, Montreal, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, California and the New York Yankees after being the first pick in the draft in 1968. He won a World Series ring with the Pirates in 1979.

His son is the latest former Harrisburg Senator to join the Atlantic League and obviously he’s a bit of a step down from what Schmoll would have brought to York this season. But let me share a little conversation that I had with the Revs’ director of baseball operations, Adam Gladstone, the other day before we pass judgment. Gladstone told me that if he lost 10 players to affiliated signings before the start of the Atlantic League season, he would be able to replace those men very easily. But after the season starts, who knows what will happen?

The point is, losing Schmoll now might be for the best. Gladstone still has a big crop of talent to rifle through, rather than in a few weeks when previously available players have signed in various other independent leagues.

York is still without a lefty in the bullpen other than Reid Price, but it should be interesting to see how Foli and the newly acquired Matt Trent perform in spring training. I would say neither are a lock to make the club, and that means they’ll probably be busting their humps to show their skills next week. It should make for an exciting camp.


3 Responses

  1. Why doesn’t York have their spring training in York? I was just on Newark’s website and they do it in their home stadium. Living in the NYC area, I can tell you firsthand that the climate difference between the two areas is nill.

  2. I think next year York, Lancaster and the others will all be looking at having spring training locally. Trouble is the past 3 years I believe they had an agreement with or a contract to have spring training in Lakeland. The contract is up after this years so we will most likely see a new arrangement. And since 4 teams are owned by opening day partners I would think that if one team stays north the other 3 ODP teams would do the same. After all the teams need someone to play in the spring training games. Personally I hope they do stay north….practice and games would be open to the public and i would be there all the time!

  3. I think you’re right — ODP is leaning toward having spring training next season in the York area. Really, zero fans get a chance to see the team train in Lakeland and some of the players even expressed last year that they don’t really care for the trip down south. The truth is, it’s about the same type of temperature and we’re only talking about 10 days here.

    I plan to have a post/story examining this coming up shortly.

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