Von Schell returns; Revs’ tie Camden

Editor’s Note: Be sure to check out “Tat Talk with Matt Dryer” here.

Adam Gladstone has worked in the Atlantic League to the point where nothing surprises him anymore.

So what about Tyler Von Schell’s decision to end his one-week retirement and rejoin the Revolution this season?

“Nothing catches me off guard with these guys,” Gladstone said. “I didn’t expect it, but it was a pleasant surprise.”

Von Schell, a former San Francisco Giants’ prospect, called Gladstone late last week and told him after dealing with some personal issues he was ready to join York in Lakeland, Fla. for spring training. Since his arrival, manager Chris Hoiles has worked Von Schell into two exhibitions off the bench and he has responded. Von Schell ripped a base hit in Sunday’s 4-2 loss to Long Island and got another hit in York’s 5-5 tie with Camden on Monday afternoon.

The right-handed slugger launched a career-high 24 home runs between Double-A and Triple-A last season and he should further complicate the Revolution’s defensive alignment. But having too many guys at a few positions is never a bad thing in the Atlantic League. History tells us that an injury or affiliated signing is right around the corner.

Roster expansion unlikely: According to Gladstone, he doesn’t think that Atlantic League teams will carry 27 or 28 players to start the season — a possibility that was first reported by Jason Guarente of the New Era over at Barnstormin. The idea was initially brought up by Atlantic League executive director Joe Klein and its purpose would be to give teams more time to evaluate talent.

On the surface, the idea could possibly hurt the Revolution more than other teams in the league. York now has 25 players in camp — ordinarily the league maximum — and would have to do a bit of scrambling to get two or three new faces with the team before the season-opener in Camden, N.J. on Friday. Other teams such as Camden already have 27 players in spring camp with plans to make cuts before the season-opener.

But Gladstone said the proposal doesn’t have much chance of becoming a reality.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say it would be a scramble, because you’ve got guys who you’ve talked to and we could decide to bring in other guys out there who warrant the opportunity,” Gladstone said. “But it’s a moot point. I don’t think it will happen.”

Thurman pitches well: Gladstone said Corey Thurman pitched three innings today in the exhibition against Camden and the coaching staff was impressed with his outing even though he allowed a home run.

Thurman reached the majors as a reliever with Toronto, but he said he prefers starting.

“Starting is a preference for me because you have those four days (in between starts) to work hard and get your work in,” Thurman said recently. “As a reliever, you have to be a little more subdued because you don’t know when you’re going to pitch.”

Sherrill an independent success story: This Baltimore Sun story discusses new Baltimore Orioles’ closer George Sherrill and his long journey to the major leagues from the Northern and Frontier League. Sherrill — a guy who has drawn some laughs from his teammates for the straight brim on his cap — was 250 pounds years ago and threw 88 to 90 mph. But he dropped the weight and now throws in the mid-90s.

Sherrill spent 4 1/2 years in independent leagues and like many independent league guys he had to work odd jobs in the offseason to pay his bills. That’s certainly not the case anymore. Sherrill is also 6-for-6 in save opportunities so far this year despite a 6.14 ERA.


4 Responses

  1. Sears sucks, indeed. It’s good to see that Von Schell decided to come back.

    I’d be willing to bet that one of the Revs DH/LF/RF/1B options will be gone before too long but, for the near future, who’s the odd man out of the starting lineup? Is it likely Von Schell since Hoiles didn’t start him in his two games back?

    Does this development mean that maybe the idea of shoehorning Aspito or Padgett into 3rd base is back on the table? Did either of those guys play 3rd in a game yet this spring?

  2. I haven’t had the benefit of watching York’s last few exhibitions in spring training. I’ve been back in York for a few days now.

    But Von Schell’s late arrival probably means he’ll platoon somewhere in the early going. With the way Padgett and Esquivel have hit so far this spring and with the way Aspito hit last year, there’s no way any of those guys sit. And Perez is going to play too.

    But this is something I’ll investigate on Thursday when the Revs have their final workout prior to heading to Camden.

    By the way, I do agree. I think something is going to happen to clear this logjam. But just think about poor Kaz Tanaka. He is a pinch hitter/fourth outfielder for the forseeable future with Von Schell’s return.

  3. Can anyone from the group of Padgett, Aspito, and Esquivel play a serviceable centerfield?

    I wouldn’t want any of them playing there everyday, but it would open up another lineup combo if one of them could play just enough defense in center to justify using the spot to get another big bat in the lineup occasionally.

    It does sting a bit to see Kaz buried on the depth chart, but I can see him getting a lot of late game action to start the season. If York is winning late he might go in for Padgett in left (maybe with Padgett then replacing Dryer or Von Schell at first). He could enter the game as a pinch runner for Von Schell or Dryer, too, in that scenario.

  4. Padgett, Aspito and Esquivel are all the burly type of outfielder who you don’t want anywhere near center. The team signed Travis Ezi thinking he’s the best defensive center fielder in the league. Regardless of what he does at the plate, at least he still brings a lot of range.

    I see Tanaka as the best backup center fielder and maybe that’s a way to give him some at-bats. He played a bit of center last year when Peter Bergeron was picked up by the Pirates.

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