Revs’ roster back up to 25

Less than 24 hours after losing Dan Foli to undisclosed reasons, York Revolution officials added a pitcher to take Foli’s roster spot.

Former major leaguer Travis Phelps was signed by York on Thursday, pending a physical in the Sovereign Bank Stadium clubhouse. Phelps becomes the seventh former big leaguer on the Revs’ staff and appeared in the majors with Tampa Bay in 2001 and ’02. He also made four appearances with Milwaukee in ’04. For his career, Phelps has a 4.34 ERA in 105+ innings in the majors to go along with a 4.31 ERA in 836 2/3 innings in the minor leagues. Check his career stats here.

Phelps also has Atlantic League experience. He played for Camden in ’06 before a promotion to Double-A Huntsville and played with Newark last year before ending up on the disabled list. Phelps was 0-2 with a 5.24 ERA in 22 1/3 innings with the Bears last season.

I also learned from pitching coach Tippy Martinez that the team plans to start Aaron Myette (Game 1), Wayne Franklin (Game 2) and Corey Thurman (Game 3) this weekend in Camden, N.J. The Revs will likely use Dave Veres in the closer’s role but will continue to evaluate the bullpen and rotation as the season goes on.

Martinez also said he is well aware that he might not have the opportunity to work with some of York’s pitchers for very long.

“If we’re healthy, we’ll be OK. But the other thing is, I think we’re going to be losing some pitchers — especially after what I saw in spring training,” Martinez said. “We have some good arms. Chris (Hoiles), Adam (Gladstone) and myself, we decided to focus on guys with more experience this year. I think we have the right guys for that.”

I’ll have a preview on the Camden/York series here later.


2 Responses

  1. Ok, it’s not Franklin Nunez, but you aren’t going to hear me complaining. I think Tippy was even understating things a bit when he said they planned to focus on guys with more experience.

    The not-so-quick math- Pitchers on the Revs roster have combined for 1,057 major league games broken down thusly:

    Veres 605
    Franklin 143
    Munro 120
    Phelps 79
    Thurman 49
    Myette 47
    Rakers 14


  2. It’s even more incredible that Veres has more appearances in the big leagues than all the others combined (605 to 452). Also, the Revs are working out at the same gym that I go to for the second straight year. And guess who showed up this morning before they have even played a game?

    Dave Veres.

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