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Although Dave Veres has been dealing with a strained groin recently, that is not the only reason he was placed on the inactive list by the York Revolution Monday.

According to Adam Gladstone, the Revs’ director of baseball operations, Veres has traveled home to Colorado to deal with a personal matter. When I asked Gladstone about Veres’ future in York, he said he expects him to return — pointing out that Veres left his car in the York area and flew home rather than driving across the country.

Yet, while that may be the case, there are many reasons why Revolution fans may have seen the last of Veres in a York Uniform: 1) His age (41) and extensive major league experience; 2) His family (which includes a 4-year-old boy named Tavin; 3) His lingering groin injury; 4) According to WSBA’s Monday night broadcast, Veres has flown back home to have his artificial hip examined. 

“If June or July rolls around and I’m hurting, or I’m not throwing the ball well, don’t think I won’t leave just because I’m down here,” Veres said candidly in Lakeland, Fla. last month. “I love pitching and playing, but I want to be with my family too.”

Veres explained in Lakeland that the end of his career in the majors coincided with the birth of his son, Tavin. Basically, Veres had been with his boy every moment of his life until he got the itch to pitch again last year. He even referred to his son as “his little buddy” when I spoke with him. So I wanted to add that perspective to the above quote.

Also, it’s important to note that Veres had the blessing of his wife and his family before starting his comeback attempt last season, but it was clear he was hesitant about leaving them. That’s why he tried to come back with the Rockies organization to start with, which would have kept him close to home.

Lastly, all of this does not mean Veres will not be back. He hasn’t pitched badly (0-0, 0.00 ERA in seven appearances), but his lingering groin injury appears to be exactly the type of ailment he was trying to avoid. And the Revolution’s decision to place him on the inactive list rather than disable him is telling here.

How about that player market now?: While I had Gladstone on the phone, I asked him about the current player market. Gladstone has been adamant that this year is a complete 180 from last season — when players were recycled over and over again — and he stuck to that Monday.

“There are still guys available to play right now and it’s much different than last year,” Gladstone said. “Based on the conversations I have daily with agents and players — although it’s still a little early — I feel there are more players available now than this time last year.”

Whether York adds another hitter in the coming weeks will be the real answer to this question. But the market for pitching seems very similar to last season. As our friends at Atlantic League Baseball News explain, many pitchers — such as Jim Magrane and D.J. Mattox — have been recycled by Atlantic League teams already.

And the decision to bring back David Maust factors in here as well. Gladstone maintains that Maust’s velocity is back to where it was last season before he was hurt, but the typical recovery from labrum surgery is 9 to 12 months — maybe more for a pitcher. It has been about nine months since Maust had the operation at the end of last September, so you have to wonder how he’ll respond early.

Closer by committe: Gladstone said the Revs will go with a closer-by-committe approach for the time being. Jason Olson, Nick McCurdy and Matt Trent will be the likely options in the late innings. But it’s important to note that York really hasn’t had a need for a closer to this point. Veres never got the chance to be used in a save situation and Jason Olson (1) and Reid Price (1) have nailed down the other saves.


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  1. Post is updated. Veres is having his artificial hip examined in Colorado. Not good for York.

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