Game 26: Newark 10, York 4

If the York Revolution’s 2008 season was based on a movie script, you would have to consider firing the writers, canning the producers and moving on to another venture.

Because this same old story is getting very old.

York grabbed the early lead at Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium with a solo shot by Keoni De Renne in the first inning Thursday, but Newark rallied for a 10-4 victory and a four-game series sweep over the Revs. Corey Thurman did what he’s done all season — pitch a decent ballgame only to be undone by one bad inning.

Newark only managed two hits off Thurman through four innings but struck for two runs in the fifth. The Bears’ Randall Simon scored on a wild pitch and Val Majewski came around to score on Brian Burgamy’s RBI double.

York tied the game in the top of the sixth on Kenny Perez’s RBI infield single, but the lead would be a brief one. Cory Aldridge homered in the bottom half to put the Freedom Division leaders back in front and Newark scored two in the seventh and four in the eighth off the Revs’ previously untouchable bullpen.

Luis Taveras was a bright spot in this one. He finished 3-for-5 with two runs scored and is making the case for more playing time. Jose Enrique Cruz finished 2-for-5.

York — in the Freedom Division cellar at 8-18 — is now 1-13 on the road and has lost 14 of 17 overall. The Revs also dropped to a pathetic 4-21 against Newark (16-9) all-time and the club might be headed for an even worse fate this weekend. York hosts Liberty Division leader Camden for a three-game set at Sovereign Bank Stadium.


9 Responses

  1. Thurman actually wasn’t that bad…bullpen seemed to be rather horrendous, and the lineup’s been just awful as well.

    Gladstone pretty much needs to do some serious retooling before the second half comes around. On paper, this team is not that bad…

  2. Good Lord, this season is going down the tubes in a hurry. This team is underpeforming and not playing inspired baseball. Enough is enough, fire Hoiles already.

  3. I wouldn’t put it on Hoiles just yet. Again, there needs to be some serious moves made here before you can just stick this on the manager…

  4. Yea let’s not get carried away. Sure things are bad, but it’s not all Hoiles’ fault.

    Hoiles has worked enough with the line up that at this point if they’re not hitting the ball; they’re just flat out not hitting the ball. The problem really is that simple.

    Sadly things like that are often beyond control.

    The front office hasn’t helped either. They’ve seemed to focused in on the pitching staff, and that’s about it. Provided it’s becoming an increasingly solid staff, and really the reason the Revs have the W’s they do have.

    So perhaps if they could use the amount of baseball knowledge they seem to have in other areas of play, the Revs can get things going.

    Plus this isn’t exactly “The Show” where changing the skip is as easy as 1-2-3 and things are suddenly great.

    I can tell York has a very “Phillie” influence overall, as this isn’t the first time I’ve heard calls for Hoiles’ hyde. These same people probably want the Phils to fire Manuel every year and then talk about how great he is come September.

  5. How about at least hiring a hitting coach?

  6. It is funny how the Barnstormers blog and the Revs blog are almost identical. I guess since we both have the same record we have the same feelings. Good luck in turning it around. We are not having much like in Lancaster either.

  7. Jeff, would you not agree that a manager change would be a step in the right direction for this team? Any squad that finds new ways to lose every day obviously has serious issues, and change must start at the top. By the way, the Revs manager, pitching coach and giant statue outside of the stadium are all Baltimore Orioles, so I don’t see where this Phillie influence is coming from. And find me a Phillies fan that likes Chucky Manuel even in Sept. Most of them are convinced they win despite of him.

  8. Obviously that wasn’t a reference to the affore mentioned manager, pitching coach and “giant” statue, but to the fans. But why would I expect reading comprehension in York?

  9. Why you would slam the good people of York on a York Revolution blog is truly beyond my comprehension, genius. Let’s keep it friendly, OK Lancaster?

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