Game 27: Camden 13, York 8

Early on in the 2008 season, the York Revolution has depended on Dave Gassner as the team’s stopper.

Friday night, even Gassner couldn’t stop the Revs’ recent slide.

York lost for the 15th time in 18 games in a 13-8 slugfest defeat at the hands of Camden at Sovereign Bank Stadium. Gassner was touched up for nine runs (six earned) on 11 hits in five innings and the Riversharks jumped on the southpaw in the early going. Camden scored three runs with the help of two errors in the first inning to take the early lead.

On the surface, it looked like the Revs’ offense came alive in this one. But York scored twice in the eighth and four more times in the ninth after the game was well out of reach. Kenny Perez went 3-for-6 out of the leadoff spot and Jose Enrique Cruz also had three hits.

York’s bullpen also continued its fall back to normalcy. Matt Trent allowed four earned runs in his two innings. But the team did get some good news regarding the pen. Dave Veres (pictured) made his return to the club and pitched a scoreless inning and emergency pitcher Jason Aspito pitched a scoreless frame as well.

Brett Bonvechio had a big night for Camden, going 2-for-4 with four RBIs and his sixth home run of the year. The Riversharks continue to be the class of the Atlantic League and the Liberty Division. Camden improved its record to 18-9. York fell to 8-19.

Notes: Keoni De Renne committed three more errors in this game while making an appearance at third base. He has 13 errors on the season… Travis Ezi went 0-for-6 while hitting in the No. 2 spot… Matt Padgett, Matt Esquivel, Sandy Aracena and De Renne each had two hits… The Riversharks had 16 hits… York left 12 men on base… Aaron Rakers will face Darren Sack Saturday night in Game 2. 


3 Responses

  1. After watching this game, it occurred to me what this team needs…..a fight!

    I thought we were going to get one last night. It was hard to tell what sparked it, but it looked like a Camden baserunner was jawing with some of the Revs in the fifth inning (somewhere around there) and both dugouts and bullpens ended up on the field. Nothing came of it, but Hoiles was talking to Gassner while everyone was on the field.

    On the first pitch after the field was cleared, Gassner came inside on Gary Cates. It looked like the pitch hit Cates on the wrist, but it must have caught a piece of the bat. Cates had to have the trainer come out on the field, at any rate. Nothing came of that as far as a brawl, either, unfortunately.

    A fight would be good for moral and bring the team together. It can’t hurt, at this point.

    Gassner was bad last night, but with a little luck and some defense he could have been mediocre. Cruz booted a relatively easy double play ball in the first. I have no idea why that guy is even on the team. For a guy with a .230’s average in his minor league career, I figured he would have to be a whiz defensively to have hung around as long as he has. Every time I’ve seen him play this season, though, he has committed an error. He has five credited errors, in maybe nine games this year. His arm isn’t very good, even for a second baseman, I can’t imagine him playing short or third.

    And once again, Hoiles left his ineffective starter in the game to get crushed. Camden had a guy up in the pen before the Camden starter had even given up a run.

    Hoiles didn’t lift Gassner until after nine runs were on the board, and even then he made the switch between innings.

    Getting to see Aspito pitch was the highlight of the game. You would think, with his arm, that he would be a power pitcher, but he was throwing junk. He K’d a Camden batter on curveballs, and the batter struck out swinging on an awful swing.

  2. Another crushing defeat and more examples of bad management leaving Gassner out to dry. That should do wonders for his confidence. Chris Hoiles was a mediocre catcher and an even worse manager. Living in New York, you realize why the Yankees have won 26 championships. It’s because the ownership doesn’t accept losing, and if things are not going well the press will put the manager’s feet to the fire. The press in York should start holding Hoiles accountable for his team’s performance., As a fledgling franchise, the Revs should refuse to accept mediocrity, and start being proactive in either acquiring new players or activly searching for a new coaching staff. This simply won’t do. Fire Hoiles.

  3. The only complaint I’m going to bring up is this…they are having trouble hitting lately so they brought in….new pitchers? Doesn’t make sense to me. I hate to say it but maybe they should think about getting new hitters. Cruz is finally starting to hit but how long will that last and both him and Keoni aren’t too great in the field. Don’t get me wrong…they are both great guys who I like a lot but we need to win games not popularity contests.

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