Game 30: Southern Maryland 8, York 4

Before the Atlantic League season started, it was hard to find fans who had much faith in the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs’ chances for success this year.

But almost halfway through the first half, the Blue Crabs have been a pleasant surprise. And the York Revolution has been an utter disappointment. Both trends continued Monday as York dropped an 8-4 decision in its first trip to Regency Furniture Stadium in Waldorf, Md.

The Blue Crabs’ Patrick Osborn continued his great start to the season with a 3-for-3 performance that included a homer and five RBIs. The win helped Southern Maryland improve to 16-13. York is now 9-21 despite home runs from Matt Dryer and Tyler Von Schell in the Memorial Day matinee.

Dave Gil (pictured) started for the Revs and allowed seven earned runs on eight hits and three walks. It was his first start since June 30 of last year and it’s clear he’ll need some time to regain his old form on the mound. It didn’t help that York’s struggling offense stranded 12 runners on base either.

Ezi dealt: Before the game, York made its first roster move to fix an offense that entered the day hitting a miserable .225. The Revs dealt outfielder Travis Ezi to Bridgeport in exchange for utility man Jake Daubert.

Daubert was hitting .237 with two homers and 15 RBIs playing mostly left field before the trade. Ezi was hitting .186 with one homer and nine RBIs before being dealt. And for a guy who is supposed to be the fastest man in the Atlantic League, he only had three steals in five attempts.

This move makes sense but it’s also very strange. York is basically admitting it was foolish to bring Ezi back — we already knew about his alarming strikeout totals and poor on-base percentage prior to the season — but it also robs the team of arguably the best defensive center fielder in the entire league. Now, the Revs are likely looking at Matt Esquivel or Kaz Tanaka in center on a daily basis. Neither option should make manager Chris Hoiles sleep well at night.

But shipping Ezi off should be a step in the right direction offensively — even if the move brought back meager production in the form of Daubert. This is also the second time Ezi has been shipped off by the Revs. York assigned him to the Road Warriors after 14 games last season


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  1. Sorry about the lack of indepth posts this weekend folks. I was in New York City enjoying the company of some old friends.

    As for the manager situation with the Revs, I’m not sold on canning Hoiles. I don’t think the club did a good job of creating a balanced lineup and team officials are now realizing it’s time for change. That’s why they gave up on Ezi.

    I’d like to see what Hoiles can do with the right pieces. Unfortunately, it’s going to take at least another couple of moves to make that a reality.

  2. I was really impressed with Patrick Osborn today. He’s a great player..just on the wrong team. haha

    The bus trip was a fun experience even though the Revs didn’t win. We certainly made our presence known at the the stadium and the cheering seemed to help the Revs at certain points in the game.
    Does anyone know exactly why Aspito was called out at 2nd base in the 7th or 8th inning (can’t remember exactly which one it was)? Some people had a theory but if it’s right it was some pretty dirty tactics by the Blue Crabs. Maybe they were offended that York’s fans were cheering louder than their own..I don’t know…

  3. Could have sworn I just saw on the Revs website that former Senator Dan Foli is now with the Revs and Travis Phelps has been put on the DL. Anything you can offer to that end?

  4. Nevermind, I know what’s going on. My error

  5. I wanted to see a move or two made to shake up the roster and get things on the right track, but I don’t like this Ezi trade.

    I suppose Daubert gets most of the playing time at third now, with Perez at short, De Renne at second, and Padgett in left field. I wonder if this is a reaction to De Renne’s error game on Friday night at third?

    Daubert career stats aren’t particularly impressive, pretty pedestrian for a corner infielder coming from second-tier independent leagues. I’m not sure he’s going to be much help to the offense.

    My real problem with the trade is the hole that it opens up in centerfield. Ezi, like his teammates, wasn’t hitting, but you could count on him for great defense in center.

    So now, does Esquivel play center? That would put about 650 total pounds of outfielder out there along with Aspito and Padgett, that probably translates to limited range. I know Kaz has been hitting lately, but his name in the lineup probably isn’t going to lead to increased scoring.

  6. I’m in agreement there. Tanaka is a solid left fielder (18 assists thanks to the Arch Nemesis last year) but having him in center is a disaster. His arm just isn’t good enough. And I’m still not convinced he hits enough to be an every day player.

    I thought Ezi should have been the No. 9 hitter in the Revolution lineup from Day 1. The club used him there sparingly, but I wonder if that would have taken the pressure off him a bit.

  7. On a completely unrelated topic:

    I just did a quick check, based on a hunch, and I found that the Revs are 5-7 this year when Luis Taveras is catching and 4-14 with Sandy Aracena catching (unless Kotch has a start at C that I’m not aware of).

    Does it seem like there is anything to that? Or is it just a statistical fluke? I know Aracena is the better offensive player, but it could be that Taveras is better at handling the game.

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