Revs add Ashby

As expected, York Revolution officials continue to tinker with the club’s roster in an effort to turn around what has been a disappointing first half.

York signed first baseman/outfielder Chris Ashby on Wednesday and the 33-year-old was immediately inserted into the starting lineup in left field for the Revs’ game at Southern Maryland. Ashby, a Pittsburgh native, is a longtime veteran of the minor leagues. He was originally drafted as a catcher by the New York Yankees in the 28th round of the 1992 amateur draft.

Ashby’s best year in the minors came all the way back in 1997 when he launched 24 home runs playing for the Norwich (Ct.) Navigators — formerly an affiliate of the Yankees. He has 103 home runs and 596 RBIs to go with a .265 career average in 1,304 minor league games. The rest of his career stats are here.

Ashby’s arm behind the plate was considered a strength earlier in his career, but he has played the outfield and first base more frequently as his career has progressed. He has spent parts of the last three seasons at Triple-A Albuquerque (Marlins) and hit .224 in 152 at-bats last year. The year before that he hit .308 in 198 at-bats. It appears that Ashby has also served as a professional baseball expert for a company called ShapeFit.

To make room for Ashby on the active roster, the Revs deactivated reliever Reid Price. Price was a nice surprise early in the year but overall he has a 6.32 ERA in 15 2/3 innings. Price was originally spotted at an Atlantic League open tryout in Arizona earlier this offseason.

*Ashby photo courtesy of ShapeFit.


3 Responses

  1. I was looking at his stats. It’s something of a feat to play so many years in AAA and never get a call-up to the majors.

    It seems like Ashby’s best positions (corner OF, 1B, DH) already are kind of crowded.

  2. This guy has one of the longest resumes I’ve ever seen. I felt like I needed a nap halfway through reading through his stats.

    I give York a bit of credit for trying to bring in some new blood. That’s not easily accomplished right now with the player market the way it is.

  3. I stumbled upon this Chris Ashby fact: He played a character called Nardini in “For the Love of the Game”.

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