Game 38: Southern Maryland 5, York 3

The York Revolution’s Aaron Rakers inherited a difficult situation (runners on first and third with no outs) in Wednesday’s suspended game, and the Revs’ reliever came very close to getting out of the jam.

But ultimately Southern Maryland’s George Sandel ruined things. His RBI single with two outs in the sixth inning plated Mike Conroy and York didn’t score a run in four innings in a  5-3 loss. The Revs resumed the suspended game in the sixth after rain stopped play Tuesday night.

Jeremy Owens added the Blue Crabs’ other run in the seventh on John Ramistella’s RBI single. Aaron Myette — although he never set foot on the mound Wednesday — took the loss in the game and his line looked mediocre: 5 IP, 9 H, 4 ER, 4 K, 1 BB.

Jason Aspito accounted for all of the Revs scoring with a solo homer and a two-run single. Rakers struck out Clint Johnston and retired Brandon Ketron on a fielder’s choice in the sixth, but then Sandel followed with the big two-out hit — a bloop single down the left-field line.

Derrick DePriest pitched the ninth for the Blue Crabs and picked up the save.

Prior to the rain suspension: Jason Aspito appeared to have perfect timing.

Just after a torrential downpour began at Sovereign Bank Stadium Tuesday night in the fifth inning, the outfielder slugged his third home run in as many days to the gap in left-center. The problem? The lead wouldn’t hold up.

Southern Maryland came back to tie the game, 3-3, on Mike Conroy’s RBI single in the top of the sixth and with runners on first and third, the game was suspended. Play will resume Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. with Southern Maryland threatening to score with no outs in the inning.

The weather overshadowed a decent outing from Aaron Myette, who was coming off a win over the Blue Crabs last week. He touched 91 mph on the radar gun and despite allowing at least one runner to reach base in the second, third, fourth and fifth, he pitched out of trouble. Myette didn’t record an out in the sixth and was replaced by Aaron Rakers — who didn’t throw a pitch before the game was suspended. But by that time the mound was in poor condition.

Aspito also accounted for the Revs’ first two runs of the game with a two-run single through the hole at first base in the first. The Chicago native has really heated up lately and it appears York has found an answer in the cleanup spot.

Manager Chris Hoiles was annoyed with the umpire’s decision to keep the game going despite huge bolts of lightning.

“The lightning was right there in the stadium,” Hoiles said. “It was raining pretty good, it wasn’t going to get anybody better. And the lightning was right there. That was the biggest thing. Being in the middle of a field when it’s lightning is not the best place to be.”

York’s Wayne Franklin (3-1, 4.97 ERA) will oppose the newly acquired Keith Ramsey (0-0, 0.00 ERA) in a nine-inning game Wednesday after the completion of Tuesday’s game. First pitch is set for 7:07 p.m. unless the completion of the first game takes longer.


3 Responses

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Can you explain the reason the game wasn’t just called and made official with York getting the win, reverting back to the full 5 innings when York was up 3-2?

    I listened to WSBA last night during the delay and they said the A.L. rules differ from MLB rules. Apparently (paraphrasing so I may have heard this wrong), the A.L. rules state a full inning must be played before the game can be called official, otherwise the game is suspended. Something to do with preventing the team with the lead from purposely playing slowly in order to get the shortened win (?)

    I haven’t had my second cup of coffee yet to fully comprehend this.

    Here’s a scenario: When they resume today, if SOMD doesn’t score but York does score, that would complete a full inning. Wouldn’t York win the game w/o having to play the full 9?

    The summary on the Revs site states the “Each game will go a full nine innings”.

    My head hurts! :)

  2. We had a discussion in the press box on this and what you explained there is how I understood it.

    Here’s what I thought: After Aspito homered, under the rules, the umpires could have stopped the game and York would have won. But that would have really screwed Southern Maryland. So the umps decided to give them another crack at it, and they ended up tying it.

    Not to criticize the umpires, but it was really poor decision-making on their part. The game should have been stopped before the bottom of the fifth (when Aspito gave York the lead). The lightning was really bad and the weather report gave no indication the rain would let up.

  3. Yea, this was just a very odd situation. My understanding is that, in the Atlantic League, the point is to give everybody as many innings as possible. Calling a game that can be made up easily does not fall into that mindset, so this rule ensures that the most baseball that can be played is played. There are no short games, everything is nine innings. I personally think it’s a good rule; it’s very aggravating for a team to get a “win” when they don’t play all nine innings. I wish that MLB would do the same. Still, the confusion about the clarity of the rule was certainly frustrating.

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