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Former Rev Ezi suspended

According to Rich Elliott of the Connecticut Post, former York Revolution outfielder Travis Ezi has been suspended for three games following a confrontation with umpire Mark Facto.

In Elliot’s report, he writes that Ezi slammed his helmet to the ground in the eighth inning Thursday in an 8-5 loss to York and Facto immediately told him he would be fined for throwing equipment. That led to a verbal altercation between the two men and Ezi ultimately had to be held back by Bridgeport manager Tommy John.

Ezi, who York has given up on twice in the last two seasons (once on assignment to the Road Warriors; another time he was traded to Bridgeport), seemed apologetic after the incident with Facto. He plans to apologize to the veteran umpire, although that was not mandated in his suspension by Atlantic League executive director Joe Klein.

“If he said it or not I’m still going to apologize to him because I was in the wrong,” Ezi told Elliott. “I understand that. I let my anger get to me. I shouldn’t have done that, and what I told him was wrong so I’m going to go ahead and apologize anyway.”

Ezi started serving his suspension Friday night, and one reason I bring up this incident is because of Jason Aspito’s recent one-game suspension for making contact with umpire Matt Beaver. Of course, no one can ever know exactly what Ezi said to Facto — and maybe what was said warranted three games. But the Atlantic League does not look consistent here. If Aspito got a single game for actually making contact with an umpire, why should Ezi get a longer suspension for an argument that never became physical?

In all fairness, though, John said that he thought Ezi was lucky to receive only three games.

“I thought he was fortunate,’’ John told Elliott. “He told Joe (Klein) that he was sorry and he wouldn’t disappoint him. And I said, ‘Joe, that’s all you can do. You can take it at face value.'”   


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