Game 69: York 16, Lancaster 4

Maybe all the York Revolution needed was a change of venue.

After a crushing defeat Friday night in Lancaster in which York blew an eight-run lead, the Revs returned home to Sovereign Bank Stadium against the Barnstormers and racked up 20 hits in a 16-4 victory. Every York starter had at least two hits — Chris Ashby and Jason Aspito had three each — and the 20 hits set a franchise record. York had tied the record (19) in a game against Bridgeport not too long ago.

Frank Castillo (pictured) was brilliant on the way to picking up his first win of the year and he flirted with a no-hitter once again. He went 6 1/3 innings overall and carried the no-hitter into the sixth before giving up three infield singles that allowed Lancaster to score its first two runs. But the story of the night truly was York’s offense.

Jose Enrique Cruz, who has recently been moved into the No. 2 hole in favor of Keoni De Renne, launched a solo homer in this game and scored two runs while raising his season average to .252. Ashby and Matt Esquivel also homered and the duo both had three RBIs. And new addition Shea Hillenbrand also had his second straight two-hit game in a York uniform, going 2-for-4 with two RBIs.  

The Revs will now need a win Sunday to tie Lancaster for last place in the first-half Freedom Division standings, although the ‘Stormers will hold the tie-breaker regardless of Sunday’s outcome. Lancaster holds a 6-3 advantage in the 2008 edition of the War of the Roses.

Notes: 6,288 were on hand Saturday night at Sovereign Bank Stadium. It was the third largest crowd in team history. … Travis Phelps came off the disabled list and allowed two walks and a hit in 1/3 of an inning in relief of Frank Castillo. … Keoni De Renne went 2-for-5 out of the No. 9 spot, which is where I’d keep him to take a bit of the pressure off him. … Paul Thorp allowed six earned runs in one inning out of Lancaster’s bullpen. Starter Nick Renault surrendered eight earned in 4 1/3, raising his ERA to 6.14. … The win snapped a four-game losing streak and York is 19-15 at home this year.


26 Responses

  1. It seems Hillenbrand is coming along well. He’s coming around at the plate; a somewhat quick progression since I’m guessing this is the most live pitching he’s faced all year.

    He’s also been fielding the position well too; shoring up the hot corner for York.

    There’s still some work to be done; like Shea’s inexplicable base running error late in Saturday’s game. Getting doubled up on a no-out flyball is inexcusable, no matter how many runs you’re up by.

    It will be interesting to see how quickly Hillenbrand can return to form.

    Hopefully the Revs can come out hot to start the second half, or at least better than the dismal 8-20 start to the first half. From there, who knows we could be talking Freedom Division second half title.

  2. I really believe York has to start the second half on a tear. The Revs should want no part of playing .500 ball for a few weeks and then having to turn it on.

    Historically, this team just does not play well from behind in the standings.

  3. That’s the line-up Holies should go with every night! They are going to be the team to beat in the second half!
    I agree with you, De Renne’s bat is better in the 9 spot then the 2 spot. Kennard Jones is what this team needed at the top. He’s the spark that they so much needed.
    I am not sure about Hillenbrand….Doesn’t give 100% when running to first or any base for that matter. His head wasn’t in the game when getting doubled up on that fly ball with no outs.
    De Renne made the best play all year, on that bare handed pick up and throw over to first.
    Ashby is Nate Espy of 08.

    WIth a line-up like that way change? Jeff, here’s one for you…What do you do with a guy like Dryer ? The team hit to well last night to change it up now! I know it’s only one game but that’s what this team has needed all year, and to do it against Lancaster!

  4. That game was a lot of fun last night.

    I didn’t realize Cruz had that kind of power in him. His homer basically cleared Arch Street on the fly.

    Castillo was excellent. It looked like he was throwing a lot more curveballs than previously in the season. Even the hits that broke up the no-no and the shutout were pretty weak. Hopefully, he’s in mid-season shape now and we’ll see more of this from Frank in the second half.

    De Renne’s barehanded pickup and throw after the ball bounced off of Castillo’s glove was a terrific play, but I thought the Lancaster runner was probably safe. That call was a half an inning after De Renne got called out on a pickoff that looked like he actually beat the throw back to the bag. Hoiles and De Renne argued quite a bit, probably about the fact that the ump called the play as it was supposed to be (out), rather than what it was (safe). I think that was a makeup call.

    I don’t know if Hillenbrand is dogging it a bit, or if he’s just on the slow side or still a few weeks away from being in playing shape.

    Big game today. If the Revs can get the win, then York will share last place (or third place, if you want to look on the bright side) with Lancaster for the first half.

    I’ll be interested to see what happens in the Somerset-Newark game, too.

  5. I was at the game last night as well as the two games against York in Lancaster earlier this week. As a fan of Lancaster baseball, I would like to comment on the rivalry. The rivlary between Lancaster and York is meant to be a friendly. I was very happy to see a lot of friendly conversations and even throwing the football between two players – one of which was an ex-york player during the rain delay on Friday night. That provided some entertainment through the LONG rain delay.

    In the stands in Lancaster, I will say that I was not really near any York fans, but I do know that there can be some friendly cheering between fans. The fans in Lancaster cheer for their hometown team and do not bash the visiting team no matter if the visitors are winning or loosing the game. We are there to support OUR team.

    Last night in York, those of us from Lancaster sometimes felt that our team was being bashed. I heard comments that our team sucks (by a child and her parents thought it was funny) and we were called losers! I do not believe the any of the Lancaster fans have ever done this to the opposing team. We should have a right to cheer on our team no matter what the score is. I completely agree that the York fans have a right to cheer on their hometown team just as much as we do. However, I do not feel that any one should bash the other team. I have to say that I welcomed (and commented to other fans in Lancaster) to see how nice it was to have a good feel in the air on Thursday night when the Revs arrived. I am not sure if I feel the same now.

    In the end, I will be there to cheer on my team in an encouraging manner and I will even chear for the other team if they make a nice play. Finally, please remember that the Lancaster team are the winners of the community cup from 2007 and are still well on their way to winning the cup again in 2008. Go Stormers!

  6. Interesting thoughts on the rivalry. I am just hoping the fans of both teams will get to watch York and Lancaster play some meaningful games against one another in the second half. Neither team has been in contention for quite some time.

    As for the question on Dryer, that is certainly a tough one. He’s unquestionably one of the team leaders and the fans love him. But when he’s in a cold spell — and he’s a streaky hitter — it makes it really tough to keep him in there every day.

    Ultimately, I think Hoiles will just choose to rotate guys, giving the combination of Ashby, Padgett, Esquivel, Aspito, Dryer and Hillenbrand a day off one at a time. Luckily, history tells us it’s always better to have more players than not enough in the Atlantic League. Eventually the situation will correct itself.

  7. I don’t know what you’re crying about, ‘stormers. No one is stopping you from cheering for your team and ringing your bell.

    If you can’t cope with a child making a baseless (for all she knows) comment that your team sucks, on the road, without feeling the need to editorialize about it on the other team’s blog, perhaps you should just stay on your side of the river or grow some thicker skin.

    You got your dig in about the Community Cup, so call it even.

  8. Good point AtlanticLeagueFans. The fact that ‘stormers even took the kid serious is kinda sad. Of course a child is going to make a comment like that about a team down by a ton of runs.

    So having to hear comments like that, from a kid, on the road when down by a lot no less, is annoying….but having to hear a stupid cow bell rung incessantly (this weekend not withstanding) by road fans in your own stadium is not??

    Boo freakin hoo

  9. I can’t speak for everyone but I always try to be nice when fans of any visiting team come to Sovereign Bank Stadium. However, I’ve been treated pretty nasty by Barnstormers fans when I’ve been to the Clip. One thing in particular that got me upset was that Lancaster fans always come to York and move up into our season ticket holders seats but the one time we tried it at the Clip (after 5 1/2 innings were in) we were told to move. No one ever came and sat in those seats after we moved. They were just mad because we were cheering for York and it was helping them.
    But I will still be nice to Barnstormers fans…I’ll just kill them with kindness.

  10. I think some of you missed the point being made by the Stormer Fan. It certainly is easy to say isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black, and pick up on things you said Barnstormer fans said or did when you crossed the river. You could make this into a huge game of tit for tat, but the issue is…this needs to be kept a friendly rivalry. Yes, chear for YOUR team…but that doesn’t mean you have to put down the other team or their fans! A fan is by a dictionary defintion, an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity, etc. No where in the defintion does it say about making rude comments. OK, so you don’t like the cowbells, tune it out. Cheer for your team louder, or use those obnoxious thunder sticks. Do something, but keep it civil, and refrain for the rudeness. There is no need for that and we certainly don’t need to be showing/teaching that to our children.

    A lot of you obviously picked up on the the child comment…as would be expected. When I read the Stormer Fan’s comment my concern wasn’t about what the child was saying or doing, it was the actions of the parents that had me worried. What kind of adult will that child grow up to become, seeing that their parents condoned that kind of behavior. Those parents should have been telling that child that you should be cheering for our team and let them cheer for their team. Maybe that is the educator in me, but seeing how that translates into children’s lives is usually not a good outcome (as far as that type of thing carrying on in other areas as well).

  11. Yeah it’s clear you’re an educator. Those parents will parent as they chose, who are you to comment on the possibiltiy of that child’s future character?

    And I fondly recall dogging other teams when I was little with words well beyond ‘suck’ within earshot of thousands. And I DARE you to tell me that I am a bad person or became one for having done so.

  12. While educators serve an undeniably crucial purpose in society ( and I mean that as I rank them up there with police, fire, governement (all jokes aside)), some of them…like ‘A Fan’… need to step off the soap box. Educators are way too quick to stick their nose where it doesn’t belong.

    Get off your Soap Box…a kid tells a visiting team they suck…boo freakin hoo, I’m sure he’s going to end up on America’s Most Wanted. Oh no…Mommy and Daddy didn’t stop them… that automatically makes them horrible time for the morality police to intervene where they don’t belong.

    interestingly enough, this “educator” is denying a good rule:
    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    I’m not saying I’m perfect in anyway, and do realize this post has become somewhat contradictory. but it just really struck me that this person had to boast being and educator while making such comments about the kid/parents.

    Who are you? Get over yourself and for god sakes, if you can’t take a little rudeness or foul language in sports, perhaps you need to switch to another form of entertainment.

  13. From what I can tell, the child’s “you suck” comment wasn’t directed at Barnstormers fans…it was directed at the team.

    This isn’t Little League. These guys are professionals.

    Frankly, I’d be surprised if they cared even the slightest bit about that kind of thing. That’s life on the road in professional sports. No sleep was lost, I assure you.

    Booing your rival doesn’t make you a degenerate, anyway. This whole line of argument is just typical Lancaster “we had a team two years before you, so we can pretend like we invented the game and you don’t deserve to be in the League” nonsense.

    Stormers suck. Boo.

  14. ….and I’ll add one of these ;) just to make it clear that the capper on my last comment was good natured.

  15. So it’s not okay for a child to say the Barnstormers suck but it is okay for adult Barnstormers fans to refer to York as “Dork.” I guess it’s ok to talk bad about York but leave Lancaster alone. Good to know.

    I never had any problems with the Lancaster team or fans until I went to Clipper Magazine Stadium and in fact I thought the whole rivalry was stupid. But after being treated like crap over in Lancaster now I want York to kick their butts every time. And besides who needs a cowbell when you have a cannon?

  16. Ok, I feel I need to comment on this! I usually bite my tounge, but when I read the ‘Stomers comment I’m quite a bit furious!

    I go to all the Revolution games because my hubby plays for the Revs. Well, I can tell you that I’ve been to several stadiums – Camden, never had a problem. Southern Maryland, never had a problem. Well when it came to Lancaster – wow, where do I start?

    First off, I heard that if you tell the parking guys you’re from York, they won’t let you park in the players parking. Well – they were right! They made Matt Trent park far away, as well as his family. They were going to make me park far away, but I fought it.

    Then, when I went to the games this past week I didn’t have a problem on Thursday but Friday was hell! At the ticket office my hubby had given us 7 tickets. Well the ticket lady first told us we could only have 4. And after talking for a minute she changed her story to only 2 tickets. Then she told us we were lucky to have 2 tickets behind home plate and the rest can be lawn seating. She also stated the players knew they could only have 2 tickets. THATS BS!!! I called my hubby right away and asked him and he came up to the ticket office to fight this, because he was NEVER informed by ANYONE that he could only get 2 tickets. Well they had the ticket manager come talk to him and she explained that “FANS COME FIRST”. I could NOT believe she said that!!!!!! (And being pregnant I was a bit on fire after her comment). I laughed and said “OH, so players families AREN’T FANS?!?” (Lets go back to ‘A Fan’s definition of a fan: A fan is by a dictionary defintion, an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity, etc.)

    Now please tell me…were we treated with respect? No, not at all. And this wasn’t coming from a little girl who made a comment. These were adults we were dealing with.

  17. FYI as a person who has watched things going on in the players parking lot at Lancaster. There are 42 spots in the players lot at Lancaster. The players lot is for the Lancaster players..each of them have assigned parking spots and the rest of them are for front office staff, the radio guy and some clubhouse guys. When visiting players from ANY team pull into this lot the security guy has no choice but to tell them to park in the lot in center field behind the flagpole….this is standard for ANY visiting player or their family. Its NOT because you are from York…I am sure that in York you have a players lot or a place for all your players to park which is specifically for this purpose as well as a place for front office and staff to park. Where you were probably directed to park was in the cf lot..but if that lot was full I am sure you were farther away. Like I said..there are 42 spaces in that lot…which players are they supposed to hold spots for? I am sure that YOU gave the security guard a hard time and he let you park there…nice of you to take advantage of him…he’s like 80! I bet that made you feel wonderful! I’ve been there when players and or families pull in there expecting to be given a spot…and its amazing how bent out of shape they get at times. There is a fire lane in that lot and people just park there whenever they want..I’ve seen that too. Its not just York players and their families that arent allowed to park there…the other visiting teams do the same..park out behind the cf fence. Even the Lancaster families must park elsewhere if the player has his car in his assigned spot. Oh and where do the visiting team players and or families park in York? Do you let them park with the home guys? Or do you even know? I am sure the situation is similar.
    As for the ticket office problem..I am not exactly sure about what happened..but I do know that the Lancaster players are only permitted 2 tickets per game as well.

  18. Sure, you’ll reply to chastise the pregnant wife of a player but you’ll ignore everything else. I want to know why you Lancaster fans get angry over a child saying “you suck” but think it’s perfectly alright for adults to call york “Dork” as is repeatedly done on the Barnstormin blog. I’m sure that’s not the worst thing that has been said over there either. You never see us York fans coming on this blog & bashing Lancaster whenever we play them. Maybe it’s because we’re a little more mature and don’t take this “rivalry” thing too seriously.

  19. Not chastising the wife…I was just stating the facts as far as the parking situation…I am not ignoring anything…Calling York “dork” is hardly the same as a child saying “you suck” either.

  20. but im not going to get into a discussion with you on this..we all know that people here are so much more mature than across the river.

  21. I wouldn’t worry too much about the Barnstormers site. They have what, 5 or 6 people who still post there? I’m a Lancaster fan but their stats speak for themselves. When Lancaster or York are leading the division maybe I’ll care, but I can’t really puff up my chest in pride because the two cities are locked in battle to see who sucks less.

  22. Shooter if you dont like York then why are you on our blog? We dont go on your blog and start things with you

  23. Not starting anything..I was just commenting on the parking situation is all. …there was a link from our blog to this one..I came over here to read it. I saw something here about the players parking situation in Lancaster made by revswife and I was clarifying it. I never said that I dont’ like York fact I go to games there alot as well and actually cheer for them. I am a baseball fan. I am not angry over a child saying ‘you suck” although I do find it curious as to where that comes from. I also know that I have heard this sort of thing at Lancaster as well. and at every other ballpark I have been to. ( and that numbers close to 50 all over the USA>) And furthermore I do not condone calling York, Dork or anything else…I know the people who are doing it…and they are NOT mature adults..they are adults who act immaturely all the time. If you go to our ballpark its not too hard to figure out who they are. In fact they show up at your stadium as well. Cheering for our team is one thing…a friendly rivalry is a good thing for everyone involved but I don’t think name calling and lousy sportsmanship is neccessary. You will most definitely find fans like that everywhere you go… and that includes YOUR ballpark….I have always had a pleasant friendly experience at your ballpark during the games with Lancaster and have not run into an unpleasant fan…but others have.
    Lastly, if this blog is only for Revs fans then there should not be a link from ours…nor should there be one to ours. This is a public blog and comments are welcome right? I answered a comment made above as is my right to do. I am sorry if something I said offended anyone..that was not my intention.

  24. There is no need to apologize for posting on this blog. As you said it is a public blog that anyone can post on. I just found in curious that everyone was picking apart comments made by York fans (ie – “you suck” and the parking/tickets issue) but acting like it was no big deal for Lancaster fans to pick on York. If you can dish it out you better be able to take it. I don’t mean that for you Shooter but more for the two posters (fan of the ‘Stormers & A Fan) who have curiously gone missing now that us York fans have started to point out their flaws.

  25. Well well… I guess I didn’t make myself clear where I’ve parked. There is definitely more parking spots then just the 42 – there’s obviously some miscommunication here. It’s the parking lot thats NOT by the clubhouse – its out to the front of the stadium. And for your info – there has only been younger guys working there, not an 80 year old man! I would not give him grief if I couldn’t park there. I’m not some ‘stuck up wifey’ like you might think. If my husband is going to be riding home with me then I’d like to park a little bit closer so he doesn’t have to carry his equipment on a 2 mile hike. I’m not saying I’m better then anyone and I would not take advantage of an 80 year old man.
    p.s. I’m from Florida so this whole rivalry is new to me. But from what I’ve seen – York has much nicer fans, and NOT because my husband plays for York.

  26. Ok then I apologize…I was speaking stricly of the players lot. If you read your original did say “if you tell the parking lot guys that you are from York they won’t let you park in the players parking”. that is where my comments were directed. After all that is what was stated. Now the lot in the front that you are mentioning…that is mostly handicapped parking and I believe suite owners. I am not saying “stuck up wifey” or anything like that. I am not saying you are saying you are better than anyone else either…I am just relaying the parking situation. Like I said before I am sure that the parking situations at York are the same way. Where do visiting players at York park when they are driving their own cars and not riding the bus? No situation is going to please everyone in every situation but this is how ours is set up. As far as a 2 mile hike with his equipment..I can certainly understand your point being that you are pregnant and all …but why not have him stand by the clubhouse doors along the street near where the bus pulls up and pick him up there..or have him “get the car” while you stand there with his stuff? If you pull up behind the I have seen MANY wives and girlfriends do…there’s no problem. Its done practically every night. As far as the younger guys out front working as to the older man working the player lot…each of them have guidelines as to specifically WHO can park where.

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