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Game 80: Bridgeport 15, York 8

The No. 9 hitters combined to go 5-for-10 with a homer and eight RBIs.

Eighteen of the 21 hitters to walk to the plate had at least one hit and 15 managed multi-hit games. 

And both teams combined for 41 hits and 23 runs in a contest that lasted a nauseating 4 hours and 12 minutes. 

Ah yes, another typical night at an Atlantic League ballpark. 

Behind a season-tying-best 21 hits, Bridgeport rocked the Revolution 15-8 Monday night at Sovereign Bank Stadium in the longest nine-inning game in Revs’ history. The Bluefish (8-2, 41-39) scored two runs apiece in the first four innings, scored multiple runs in six of the nine innings and annihilated the previous record for hits (17) and runs (13) against the Revs this season. 

York was forced to empty its bullpen — using every reliever except for Dan Foli and Travis Phelps — after starter Wayne Franklin (10 hits, six earned runs) lasted only 2 1/3 innings. And only a small fraction of the announced crowd of 3,423 stuck around to see York (4-6, 34-46) file off the field just after 11:15 p.m. But amazingly, thanks to losses by Lancaster and Somerset, the Revs remain tied for the second-half Freedom Division lead. 

“If games in this league were like this all the time there wouldn’t be anymore baseball,“ said Bridgeport manager Tommy John, whose club has won eight of 10. “It was terrible — 4½ hours for a nine-inning game. Balls and hits and all that stuff. It was just not good baseball.“ 

Bridgeport, which leads the Liberty Division, was coming off an impressive weekend sweep over Somerset and went for 21 hits just four days ago. The ‘Fish also got an incredible performance from No. 9 hitter Alex Prieto (3-for-5 with six RBIs), and every starter except for star slugger Jesse Hoorelbeke had a hit. 

Hoorelbeke went 0-for-5 with a walk and a sac fly despite coming into the game with the Atlantic League lead in homers (19) and ranking second in RBIs (71). But despite the offensive onslaught, John was still critical of the quality of baseball played Monday night. 

“This was about as long as the (Major League Baseball) All-Star Game and that went 15 (innings),” John said. “We’ll see what’s going to happen tomorrow.” 

Even in defeat, York tied its franchise record for hits (20) for the third time this month and Chris Ashby (pictured) led the way with a 4-for-6 performance. But on top of using nearly every reliever, York may have lost All-Star pitcher Jason Olson to injury. Olson didn’t record an out in the seventh and was removed by Manager Chris Hoiles in the middle of an at-bat after his velocity dipped alarmingly low. 

“Everything was fine up until the seventh inning and then things got out of hand,” Hoiles said. “Both teams hit the ball really well and Wayne didn’t have his best stuff. We started to come back and it was a close game until the seventh inning.”

Notes: Frank Castillo was placed on the inactive list Sunday and his tenure with the Revolution is over. Castillo left York and returned home for family reasons. … The younger brother of Baltimore Ravens’ rookie quarterback Joe Flacco will try out for the Revs Tuesday. Mike Flacco is an upcoming infielder. … Shea Hillenbrand extended his hitting streak to 13 games with a 2-for-6 night. Twenty of his 23 hits in 14 games are singles.


6 Responses

  1. Joe Flacco’s brother? They’ve got the Orioles connection down pat, might as well start going after the Ravens now, too. Sheesh.

  2. Unbelievable game….

    That second inning was something else. That had to be the longest inning in team history. It seemed like every batter on both sides went to a full count, if not beyond. Sandy Aracena had an at-bat that must have lasted at least a dozen pitches, if not more. I’d kill to know how many pitches he saw in that at-bat and how many

    Despite the long innings, it really was a fairly competitive game until about the 7th. York seemed to on the brink of taking over the game on several occasions, but just couldn’t get the big hit to get the job done.

    After the 7th, it was still interesting, but not much for the game itself.

    The defense fell apart, which was the last thing that the pitchers needed. When the defense unravelled, one of the remaining “fans” in the outfield started heckling. He wasn’t heckling anyone in particular, just a general “Get your head in the game!” and things of that nature.

    Jason Aspito offered the guy his glove and yelled “You play!”

    I was almost rooting for more York errors at that point, so that the dialogue would escalate. I love the way Aspito plays and his stock really rose in my mind last night. It was fun to watch him give it back to that guy.

    Later in the game, it looked like Aspito was signaling to the bench that either he wanted to pitch, or that he wanted to be taken out of the game.

    I can see how perhaps Hoiles wanted to end the game as quickly as possible, but I think it would have been a decent idea to let Aspito pitch in that situation instead of wasting McCurdy in a game that was out of hand.

    Having already used the majority of the pen, and with two games in the next 36 hours, it might have been the better long-term move.

    On another topic…

    It’s too bad that Castillo had to leave. I think he was going to have a big half.

    I have to give a lot of credit to Rakers, too, for rejoining the rotation. I would imagine that he would have more personal success as a reliever, and it’s really admirable that he would start for the good of the team.

  3. Oops….at the end of my first paragraph above, I stopped mid-sentence to look up the spelling of Hertzler’s name and forgot to finish my the sentence.

    Can I borrow an editor, Jeff?

  4. Hey AtlanticLeague Fans –
    Sandy said he had 21 pitches (sure seems like more doesn’t it?) and if memory serves me correct he was at the plate for 12 minutes. I happened to look at the clock when he was up to bat and then again afterwards.

    (I keep telling everyone if you see a game at Sovereign Bank – expect to see 2 innings an hour!)

    It was definitely a LONG game – too bad in the bottom of the 9th they couldn’t have rallied for a few more runs just to get a little something in the end! (for the few 50 or so fans left!) =)

  5. Definitely a game to remember. I think my limbs went numb after about the fifth.

    McCurdy came into the game because he needed the work — he hadn’t pitched since July 12 except for one inning in the All-Star game. Plus, Foli (two innings the day before/40 pitches) and Phelps (a couple of weekend appearances) were off limits.

    I have mixed feelings about the loss of Castillo. He was struggling in a lot of starts, but in theory his addition would have allowed Rakers to return to the bullpen — probably the weakest part of the Revs’ team right now.

  6. Wow! Twenty one pitches!

    I was way off on the pitch count, I just knew it was more than I had ever seen in a single at bat.

    I didn’t realize that McCurdy was so long between appearances. It’s hard to keep track when the team is gone for two weeks. Using him in this situation makes more sense, now.

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