Revs ‘fishing’ for late-season pitching help

Editor’s Note: This column originially ran in Monday’s Dispatch.

Ninety-seven runs scored and a team batting average of .389 over the last 11 games — just the latest absurd numbers from the York Revolution’s dynamite offense.

But what about the pitching?

There’s no doubt this is the million-dollar question for York — not to mention for every other team in the Atlantic League right now. And after starting the year with seven former major leaguers on the pitching staff, the Revs are in a precarious situation when it comes to the men who take the mound each day.

The pitching staff took a huge hit Saturday night when opening-day starter Aaron Myette (pictured) said goodbye to the Revolution, partly because of a nagging ankle injury. While Myette left the club tied for the league lead in losses (seven), he was an innings eater (912/3 innings ranked second on the Revs’ staff) and was also capable of the occasional gem.

Now, York is down to four starters and is considering thrusting either the newly acquired Juan Padilla or Dan Foli into the starting rotation. Neither reliever is a prime option.

So that means York’s pitching success the rest of the year will likely hinge on the pitchers Adam Gladstone, the Revolution’s director of baseball operations, can bring in over the next couple weeks. And it’s not exactly the best time to be searching for a dominant starter.

“It’s like fishing, it really is,” Gladstone said. “You have to have the lines out there and hope something bites.”

That comment isn’t exactly reassuring. But Gladstone isn’t far off. Atlantic League teams that have enjoyed late-season success the last three years have all had a great deal of good fortune on their side.

For instance, you can start with Gladstone’s Somerset Patriots in 2005. When Gladstone was the Patriots’ director of player procurement, he lost three-fifths of his starting rotation halfway through the year. But he swung a deal for Tim Christman and Adam Larson from St. Paul of the Northern League and the Patriots went on to the league championship.

Similar situations came up with Lancaster in ’06 and Newark just last year. The Barnstormers added ace Josh Stevens for the stretch run to the championship and ’07 league champ Newark added the trio of Harold Eckert, Mark Woodyard and Dusty Bergman.

All made an impact. All were lucky finds.

Now it’s simply a question of who that guy will be for the Revs.


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  1. How about Dave Gassner? He’s still sitting on a 6.62 ERA with Portland, although he did pick up a couple of wins in the past few weeks.

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