Revs acquire Sandel, Clemente

In the midst of its push for the Atlantic League playoffs, the York Revolution made a flurry of roster moves Thursday afternoon.

The Revs acquired shortstop George Sandel (pictured) in a trade from Southern Maryland for a player to be named later; former major leaguer and outfielder Edgard Clemente was signed; and infielder Sam Rosario’s rights were traded back to Nashua of the Can-Am League, completing an earlier trade with the Pride. Rosario was essentially traded to and from York for himself.

Sandel, 27, was moved by Blue Crabs’ manager Butch Hobson because Hobson wanted to make room for shortstop Travis Garcia, a .289 hitter in the Frontier League this year. Sandel has battled a recent shoulder injury and hit .254 in 111 games for Southern Maryland with 28 RBIs and 62 runs scored. He previously played for Adam Gladstone, the Revolution’s director of baseball operations, in Somerset when the Patriots won the league championship in 2005. His career stats are here.

“I was in a little bit of a slump and Butch wanted to assure himself of the playoffs,” said Sandel, who was the Blue Crabs’ leadoff man for most of the year. “He had a shortstop coming in (today) and he said he was going to give this guy a shot to play every day. He said if I wanted to go home, I could go home. I told him, ‘I’ll help you guys any way I can.’ Today I found out I was traded here. I’ve heard good things about (Chris) Hoiles and the coaching staff.”

Clemente, 32, is also a former player of Gladstone’s and the nephew of Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente. He played in Somerset in 2003 and spent the early part of this year playing for Laredo of the independent United League, where he hit .294 with 13 homers, 56 RBIs and 21 doubles in 71 games. Clemente (pictured right), a Puerto Rico native, played with Colorado and Anaheim in the major leagues in 1999 and 2000 before becoming strictly an indy ball guy at the end of ’03.

He is a career .274 hitter in the minors with 182 homers and 695 RBIs in nearly 4,700 at-bats entering this year. In the majors, Clemente hit .249 with eight homers and 32 RBIs in 114 games. His career stats are here.

“He was another guy who was part of a championship. He won one with me in ’03,” Gladstone said. “He’s a right-handed power hitter. He played in the big leagues with Colorado and he’s a good fit in this clubhouse. Both he and George know how to win. I think that’s important as we go through these next two weeks and try to get into the playoffs.”

Sandel can be used at a variety of infield positions and Gladstone said he could spell Keoni De Renne at shortstop. Clemente can be used at designated hitter and in the outfield. Both men arrived in York Thursday and were activated prior to the Revs’ game with Long Island.

The Revs now have 25 players on the active roster. They had been playing with only 24 active players after Shea Hillenbrand was placed on the inactive list Aug. 23.

*Sandel photo courtesy of Atlantic League Baseball News.


9 Responses

  1. I know some AL fans are a little sore about these inter-ODP “player to be named later” trades. This one for Sandel doesn’t seem too devious, though.

    I’m not sure why Butch Hobson thinks adding Frontier Leaguers to the lineup is the right idea for a playoff push, but if it helps the Revs get a little more depth, I’m all for it.

    I was kind of keeping an eye on Sandel’s stats early in the year. If I remember right, he had like 5 rbi in his first 150-200 at bats or something like that. I was beginning to wonder if he was going to set a lowest rbi to at bat ratio record (not that we’d be able to find one in the AL). He’s since gone on a relative RBI tear, obviously.

    That said, he always struck me as being solid in the field and his comments suggest that he’s a team-first guy, so I think he’ll be great to have around for the playoff push.

    Clemente is an interesting pickup. I can’t see how he’ll fit into the lineup much, though.

  2. Ouch. I didn’t realize that Sandel had 31 errors. He must have his best fielding games in York.

  3. Sandel was a solid lead-off man for most of the year, he seemed to take alot of pitches and walk alot. Struggled mightily recently and seemingly lost his job to Enohel Polanco (and I guess now Travis Garcia.) He’ll be missed though, he was a fan favorite.

  4. In George Sandel the Revs get a proven veteran with a great deal of heart. He loves the game and the fans and always plays hard.

    If the Revs and Patriots go head to head in the first round of the playoffs he will do some damage to his former squad and send another message to his former dugout.

    Go Georgie

  5. Sandel seems like a better middle infield depth option than Rosario.

    Clemente is exciting for me personally given his lineage, but on a whole doesn’t quite pack a huge punch (just yet).

    Jeff, a couple quick questions regarding the Clemente pick up.

    – York seems pretty solid, at least offensively, in the outfield; so why another outfielder instead of perhaps another pitcher? (even though that area seems pretty solidified after picking up the likes of Foli and Viera) Is Clemente a defensive virtuoso or is he basically a platooning bat?

    – Also, you said Clemente is going to DH probably (and I’m guessing give the other outfielders a break every once and a while as well?), so what does this mean for Dryer? Does this mean we’ll see Clemente take over as DH, Dryer to either corner infielder spot and Ashby becoming an OF’er consistently? How do you see this playing out?

    – Finally, if York does indeed make the play-offs and has any success; it’ll be easy to say it was because of guys like Ashby, Aspito, etc. I was wondering what the chances would be on you doing a piece about Gladstone and his possibly being another reason? From what I can gather, it seems like Adam has had considerable success at this level and with most of the team’s he’s been in control of. Also, this might be rather myopic of me but it looks like his moves have been most beneficial when compared to moves of other AL GM’s.


  6. From what I’ve heard, Clemente is an incredible athlete and capable of playing all three outfield positions. He actually played center field most of the time for Laredo when he wasn’t the DH.

    At the same time, I agree with the comment that York needs another pitcher more than another position player. Viera, Rakers and Thurman look strong right now, but the Revs could certainly use another arm in the starting rotation.

  7. As for Gladstone, I still think the team York started the year with was incredibly flawed from the start (poor on-base guys, lots of strikeouts), but he’s far and away the best personnel guy in the Atlantic League when making in-season adjustments.

    Here’s an excerpt from a column I wrote in October about Gladstone:

    “Before the BASA debacle over the last two years, Gladstone had an incredible track record. When he headed baseball operations solely for the Somerset Patriots from 2003 to 2005, he won two titles in three years and compiled a 213-179 record. The worst Pats team he assembled finished eight games above .500 — proving that Gladstone’s work ethic and connections are unmatched in the Atlantic League. Also, the relationship that Gladstone and Revs manager Chris Hoiles enjoy is a healthy one. Hoiles, a first-time manager in 2007, came into the season with little knowledge about independent baseball and allowed Gladstone to go out and find players. Conversely, Gladstone allowed Hoiles to put his mark on the team while helping him learn the league.

    And maybe most importantly, although he’ll never admit it publicly, Gladstone has to be anxious to dust off his reputation after the last two seasons. BASA did no favors for his image throughout the Atlantic League and now that he only has one team to focus on, the former pro umpire can get back to the success he enjoyed a few years ago. So prepare yourself. Around mid-September next fall, the Revs will be gearing up for the first playoff series in franchise history.

    Count on it.”

  8. Hey George… now that you’re in the big leagues now how about you pay up your homeowners fees. I hear you’re way behind.

  9. Did I miss something? When did Sandel make it to the bigs?

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