Game 126: York 12, Bridgeport 0; Game 127: York 6, Bridgeport 5

Steven Tyler and his million-dollar vocal cords were nowhere to be found.

And the living members from Run-D.M.C were certainly not anywhere close to the 17401 zip code.

Still, the York Revolution managed to borrow a page from the book of Aerosmith’s front man and the revolutionary hip hop group.

It was “Walk This Way” all night Tuesday at Sovereign Bank Stadium.

York piled up a season-best 11 walks in Game 1 of a doubleheader and then drew five more free passes in Game 2 to sweep Bridgeport in a twinbill before an announced crowd of 3,375. The Revs recorded a dominating 12-0 victory in the first game to tie their biggest win of the year and hung on for dear life in the second game, besting the Bluefish, 6-5. Both contests were seven innings.

All of the efforts helped York (32-25, 62-65) open a 2½-game lead on second-place Newark, a 9-8 loser at Southern Maryland. And Revolution manager Chris Hoiles (pictured) credited the Revolution’s rediscovery of plate patience for the two crucial victories.

“When we were going through that (eight-game) winning streak, that was one of the things we did,” Hoiles said. “We were very patient. We made the pitcher come to us. And tonight I think we did that.”

York almost suffered a crushing defeat in the nightcap against Bridgeport (29-28, 62-65) after leading 6-2 entering the seventh. Relief pitcher Juan Padilla gave up back-to-back doubles, then a throwing error from Keoni De Renne plated a run. Branden Florence then followed with a gift two-run double after Jason Aspito slipped in right field.

But Hoiles called on closer Franklin Nunez and the flame-thrower retired three of the four hitters he faced while notching his seventh save in nine chances. Nunez threw a series of 94 mph fastballs to Bridgeport’s Alex Prieto before inducing a game-ending groundout to third base.

York’s brush with danger didn’t squander two magnificent starting pitching performances. Corey Thurman (pictured) tossed six innings and only allowed one hit while improving to 11-7 in Game 1. And spot starter Wayne Franklin (10-5) went five innings and only allowed two earned runs in Game 2.

“The big thing about the start is that in the second inning the boys put up nine runs,” Thurman said of York’s franchise-best scoring outburst for an inning. “That gives you a little cushion and some breathing room to go out there and do what I normally do.”

Although the Revolution did come up with numerous clutch hits Tuesday, most of the offensive damage was set up by Bridgeport mistakes. York walked five times in the monster second inning in Game 1 and used two hit batters in the second inning of Game 2 to piece together a three-run inning.

But the Revs, losers of three in a row coming in, pounced when they needed to. And that fact kept York in the driver’s seat in the Freedom Division race.

“We were just going up to try to get in good hitters’ counts,” said Kenny Perez, 3-for-6 with four runs in the doubleheader. “They were just all over the place today and fortunately we took advantage of it. We took the walks and got the clutch hits when they came along.”


9 Responses

  1. According to Ryan Dunleavy of the Courier News, the Somerset Patriots have lost starting pitcher Aaron Fultz to Taiwan.

    Fultz, 5-5 with a 4.00 ERA in almost 80 innings for the Patriots, wasn’t exactly dominant. But according to Dunleavy, manager Sparky Lyle was planning on sending Fultz to the mound in Game 1 of the Division Championship Series.

  2. Revolution has one cocky front office,puting a link for playoff tickets on there website when there Is 12 games still to go!!!!Newark Is 2 games out,Stormers are 3.5.Season aint close to over,I hope the Stormers and or Newark can shove that down your throats. September 20th and 21st Is going to be hell for you Revolution fans In attendance!

  3. Wow I guess Revolution fans don’t know how to blog,thats sad.

  4. Padilla did a good job considering he really was in no shape to pitch last night. He was suffering from allergies and during the first game he said he could barely even see. He did look a lot better by the time he came in to pitch but I’m not sure it was wise to keep him in for more than one inning.

  5. I like how the ANONYMOUS stormers fan has to come on the Revs site to talk junk when his team is down. Why not direct your efforts in support for your sorry squad?

    Plus, what a loser. This guy posts junk and then only 5 minutes later tries to chastize Revs fans for a lack of response.

    Of course you won’t get one right away when you post so late. Sorry Revolution fans have better things to do (like go watch a division leader) than stay up all hours of the night trolling blogs.

    Dude, it’s 2:50 a.m. Go to bed, or at least turn the Warcroft down so you don’t wake mom and dad. I know you got soundproofing for you’re 42nd birthday, but mom and pop are getting old now…..

    Here’s a hint, move out of mommy and daddy’s basement, find a girlfriend or boyfriend or hell even a companion, and get something better to do then troll Revolution blogs at 3 in the morning…

    Wow, I guess Stormer fans have nothing better to do at 3 a.m….that my friend is truly sad.

    I know this post is a bit hypocritical in that sense. But I’m doing it from a break during a job, not at a weirdo hour and only posted because I thought that dude was sorry and hillarious.

  6. Dear Revolution Suck!, Go Stormers!,

    Our link to playoff tickets on is not a guarantee of a playoff appearance, but a way for us to plan ahead for what will be a busy week if we do make the playoffs.

    Best of luck to Newark and Lancaster as the season winds down, it should be an exciting finish.

  7. Well said Paul, well said.

    Pay that guy no mind. He’s obviously too stupid to then click the link and read the next page that includes phrases such as:

    “In the event the Revolution qualify for the 2008 Atlantic League Playoff”


    “To reserve your potential post season playoff tickets ”

    Plus he’s obviously too dumb to understand the nature of how post-season tickets are sold for most professional sports at any level.

  8. I wasn’t going to respond to such nonsense of the Stormer fan, but I couldn’t resist to say that it just sounds like a bit of jealousy. Just remember “Stormers fan”, it was all but two years ago that Lancaster got to enjoy the playoffs, which I just so happened to attend a few, now it is hopefully York’s turn to experience the playoff season. Also, How Original is correct, almost all pro sports teams put notices out if there is a chance to make the playoffs, sure a lot could happen between tonight and next weekend, but the Rev’s fans have faith in our team!
    REV IT UP!

  9. The way the Revs are handling playoff tickets is great. Give them a credit card and they’ll charge it AFTER the season is over for only those games that the Revs actually play. That’s a big improvement over the big leagues. The first time the Angels had a shot at the division and were authorized to sell tickets, the company I worked for had to write a chedk for all the playaoff games and world series games. We spent that money in early September and got to return the tickets when the Angels were eliminated and got out money back in October.

    And for Go Stormers guy….you’re now FOUR back and the magic number for York is 9.

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