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Game 136: York 14, Lancaster 5

The jog around the bases will forever be a moment frozen in time.

The euphoria. The feeling of walking on air. The thoughts centered around a father who died too young and wasn’t around to see this moment of greatness.

In an instant, Jason Aspito became a York Revolution legend Thursday night before 4,855 boisterous fans at Sovereign Bank Stadium. His team-leading 24th homer, a monster grand slam that broke a 5-5 tie in the sixth, gave York a 14-5 win over Lancaster and punched the ticket to the first Revolution playoff appearance in the club’s two-year history.

The Revs (37-28, 68-68) also earned the honor of becoming York’s first pro baseball playoff team since the 1969 York Pirates.

And it was fitting that the big blow came from a man who has carried York all year. The same guy who lost his father, Gerald, at 68 in the offseason to a heart attack and needed coaxing from manager Chris Hoiles and teammate Matt Dryer to even return for an eighth pro season.

“As soon as I hit first base (I was thinking about him),” said a choked-up Aspito, who also came out for a curtain call after his shot to right-center. “It was a big moment and it’s been a fun year. I’m just having a blast playing with these guys.”

The win, which came after York trailed 5-1, rendered the remaining four games in York’s regular season-ending series with the Barnstormers meaningless. The Revs can now prepare for Somerset, with the Atlantic League Freedom Division Series set to start Tuesday with Game One of the best-of-three tilt at Sovereign Bank Stadium.

But that comfort wouldn’t have been possible without one of the most complete team efforts of the season against the too-little-too-late Barnstormers (33-33, 63-73). Luis Taveras (3-for-5, solo homer, three RBIs) and Chris Ashby (three-run homer) did some damage. Matt Esquivel had four hits in a 4-for-5 night.

And Kenny Perez, who was re-acquired by York after earning an affiliated contract in Triple-A (Rockies) earlier this year, went 4-for-5 with a homer and two RBIs — not to mention one of the best defensive plays of the year from his backside at third base.

“This is where it all started and if it wasn’t for this team, there never would have been the Rockies,” said Perez, a .385 hitter since his late-season return. “Not one guy in here goes up there and thinks he can be defeated by any pitcher. Our pitching staff also has that confidence and our bullpen has that confidence.”

Aaron Rakers (11-8) showed some grit through six innings to pick up the win despite four earned runs allowed. York also batted around in the sixth and seventh while coming within two runs of a season-high.

The dominating victory allowed York, which reached the overall .500 mark for the first time since May 10, to slip on some specially made T-shirts — inscribed with “One Team. One County. One Goal.”

And the post-game celebration included beer and champagne showers, including a few toasts.

Esquivel offered the best one of all.

“Cheers to the best summer ever,” he said.

Yes, indeed.

*Bill Kalina photos.


22 Responses

  1. That was an awesome game!! I would’ve loved to have been up close to the Barnstormers fans to see what their reactions were when York took the lead. Looks like karma came around and gave them a swift kick in the rear. Maybe if they hadn’t been talking so much smack on their blog their team could’ve won. ;)

  2. Where’s the Cowbell?? (clap, clap, clap clap clap)
    Where’s the Cowbell?? (clap, clap, clap clap clap)
    Where’s the Cowbell?? (clap, clap, clap clap clap)

    Hahahaha. Put the cowbells back around your wives necks Lang-aster its O-V-E-R


    It’s funny cause they talk sooo much junk, their blog and I’ve even seen them come over here and do it.

    but try and talk on theirs and you get the same form of information control that the SS used. They “moderate” junk from us….

    Well…moderate all you want…we got real PATRIOTS to battle now…

  3. My favorite had to have been “EVERYBODY PITCHES”

    it sure felt that way

  4. And I love the fact the Revs got Clemente…

    but seriously, didn’t they have a pair of pants around that fit. Dude looks like he’s in ballet tights…im not saying go for the LeCroy of PJ Rose “slenderizing” look, but damn man,….haha

  5. It was great to see their faces when Jason hit the grand slam!!!! After that I didn’t hear the cow bells all night.

    Question for anyone on here… Do you think the hat shuffle is mean?

    LETS GO REVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. (I also posted this on the Barnstormer’s Blog, and I’ll bet it gets taken down)

    Here’s a very, VERY special toast to seeing every single one of those 3 or 4 dozen obnoxious Barnstormer fans that even bothered to show up in York, sit in well deserved dejection, with crocodile tears streaming down their cheeks. It; shard to ring your cowbells in someone’s ears when they’re shoved straight up your…well you know…you were there! If the majority of you didn’t act ignorant, arrogant, and unsportsmanlike when you come to our ballpark, perhaps karma wouldn’t have destroyed your team. We are not ignorant to you when you come to York or we go to Lancaster, so take a good lokk at our example, and be decent.

    Oh, and feel free to keep that stupid Community Cup, because it means jack squat to a bunch of players that change around each year. All that cup is really good for is a dugout spitoon!

    York moves on…..Lancaster goes HOME.

  7. The hat shuffle is good natured fun, if it’s interpretted any other way then so be it.

    Besides, who cares if its mean. Is annoying the living crap out of people by ringing a stupid bell in someones ear when their team so much as sneezes mean??

    And it’s not like we single out one team, I’ve seen the visor shuffle for many visitors.

    Plus it’s our park, who cares haha.

    LET’S DO IT!!

    Scott, your comments (although accurate) will sadly get moderated as Lancaster sure can dish it out, but don’t expect them to ever take it

  8. Lancaster bloggers are so dumb too, the reason they think they are so great is because their moderate won’t let anyone post a disenting opion…seriously many have tried.

    But they’re allowed to sit their on their outlet and say whatever with out allowing a counter point….

    Is their site run by Joseph Goebels???

  9. Just in case anyone is interested here is a video I took of the Revs celebrating last night!


  10. Oh and I agree that the hat shuffle is just good natured fun. If they did it to us I wouldn’t be offended..I’d be laughing because it’s funny. I bet the whole reason they hate it is because they didn’t think of it first.

    Also, they can keep the Community Cup..we’ve got the playoffs. :) Personally, I feel York has a bigger rivalry with Bridgeport (even before the fight happened) than they do with Lancaster.

  11. Awesome video…I love the dejected LeCroy and seeing Hoiles get doused!!

  12. What a night! It was very pleasing to hear the cowbells silenced. Can’t wait to get back to the ballpark tonight to see if any of the Lancaster fans show up or if they decided to stay home to polish the cowbells for next season.

    Let’s take it all the way! REV IT UP!

  13. Thank you!!! Lancaster fans was getting upset because of the hat shuffle and I told to deal with it. If you look at their blog they call us “DORK” so they can’t get upset about it…

    Ringing the cowbells ever 5 seconds is alittle too much… Don’t you think?!?!

    Lets win it all REVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Worse yet, try to even write ANYTHING resembling an anti-Lancaster comment on their blog…bye bye….their SS propoganda man deletes it.

    Jeff gets props because I have read anti-York things on this blog before and he lets it stand.

    I can’t believe they really got upset about the visor shuffle, how immature.

    Oh wait, half of them were pissed because they picked the wrong one probably….

  15. ** note those props are for being fair and balanced, not for letting Anti-York things stand

  16. I wish there were a way to only give ear plugs to the Revs and their fans…and then everytime they ring that stupid bell (even more ridiculous when you ring it down by 9…) we should just shoot the Cannon off at will…hahah that would shut them up

  17. I along wiht my sister were lucky enough to be there this night and, let me tell you once York started showing Lancaster how it’s done, those cowbells sure did get silent. Now i’m all for supporting your favorite team (whichever it may be), but please at least do so with class. As for the whole hat trick thing, well the rest of you’ have already covered that, in that it’s a joke, enjoy it for the laughs it’s not like it’s a personal “fan” attack (AKA sicking their mascot on us to get us to shut up)…

  18. Superman owns a pair of Jason Aspito pajamas.

  19. No, Chuck Norris owns a pair of Matt Dryer pajama’s and checks under his bed and in his closet for Jason Aspito before going to bed.

  20. Corey Thurman….by far the best hype-man on a team….dare I say ever??

  21. He sure did a good job Reving it up last night with that flag!

  22. Exactly they call us Dork or Yuck and hold up signs that say “Fork York” but boy do they have a fit about the visor shuffle. Talk about hypocrites.

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