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      If San Antonio is trading Kawhi Leonard, what would Boston offer? Zach Lowe explores how far the Celtics should go.
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      The Cavaliers have not made Kevin Love available for trades entering Thursday's draft, and regardless of what decision LeBron James makes about his future, they have interest in keeping Love, sources said.
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      Lakers co-owner Jeanie Buss and team president Magic Johnson held a meeting warning employees about tampering ahead of the free-agency period.
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      A hot dog launched into the stands at Citizens Bank Park by the Phillie Phanatic injured a fan who was struck in the face. The hot dog was wrapped in duct tape so it wouldn't disintegrate upon launch.
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      Knicks center Kyle O'Quinn has declined the $4.2 million contract for the 2018-19 season to become an unrestricted free agent this summer, league sources told ESPN.
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Revs clinch playoff berth

Check out Dispatch photo chief Randy Flaum’s video from the Revs’ playoff-clinching 14-5 win over Lancaster. And be sure to check out videos from the rest of the season over at York Revolution Extra.


13 Responses

  1. That’s right Corey, but you guys are why WE came here, WTG Guys!!

  2. I find it hillarious that the Lancaster blog is filled with nothing but messages to the effect of “our fans are better than yours” when more often then naught they are the ones going online first starting junk-talk, and crying about being offended ON THE ROAD (just shows you their fans are bush-League too cause they would NEVER have skin thick enough to endure one side of a real rivalry the likes of Yankees-Sox, Michigan-Ohio State, you get the drift)

    They claim “Dork” (something they feel is ok to do but god forbid you rib them in return with a good natured hat shuffle) is rude, when they bring those dumb-a** cow bells ON THE ROAD and ring them non-stop, annoying everyone from the die-hard to the casual York fan. Didn’t hear too many of those after Aspito launched that GS though…a tad fair weather if you ask me…

    I’d be willing to bet if a bunch of York fans took a noise maker, to the ‘Clip and used it wayyy too much they would call that Rude as well….such hypocrits….

    Plus their blog barely allows any opinion that might rile up their oh-so-easily offended fan base. Face it Lancaster, there’s a new sherriff in town…you want to stop the DORKS…BEAT US OUT FOR THE PLAYOFF SPOT….oh wait….you couldn’t guess that means you ought to shut up now huh?

    Take solace fans of the Revolution…bottom line is WE ARE IN THE PLAY-OFFS LANCASTER IS NOT.

    Last I check games were won and lost by the PLAYERS not who has a better fan base….and our proof came to the tune of a nice 14-5 whoopin.

    I could have cared less about the “Community Cup” until seeing how Lancaster fans truly are, now I just want another thing to hang over their head….SWEEP THE STORMERS!! GO REVS!!

  3. It’s their game, their playoffs… We as fans are just lucky enough to be able to be there to show support. As far as this Community Cup is concerned, i think Lancaster fans are more worried about it than anyone else, even the players from both teams… Don’t hate appreciate (it for the great game that it is).

  4. Wow boom. Why are you so upset over the cowbells and the red towels and the Code Red? They are a group of Barnstormer fans who actually organized themselves and traveled across the river to support our team win or lose….I don’t see why some of you feel the need to make obnoxious comments to any of us. Why don’t a bunch of you try it for the Revs? There are more Lancaster fans that come to York than York fans who travel to Lancaster..why is that?
    And as far as the cowbells being “shut down” after the Aspito grand slam and calling us “fair weather”? Fair weather fans would NOT have even been there at all…we had a long shot to win all those games this weekend….and yet we still had plenty of fans who stuck it out until the end of the game. All I heard during the game..from the time I sat down in my jersey from the time I walked out was Lancaster sucks kind of comments and people making comments about why we were even there. I made no replies to any of them….even the ones who were making comments IN THE WOMENS RESTROOM about the “group in red. ” or the people on the way out saying other obnoxious remarks about us.
    Are visiting fans not allowed into your ballpark? Is your stadium exclusive to fans of YOUR team.?
    I was not in the group behind the bullpen..but close enough to know that they were merely cheering for our team. Not screaming rude and obnoxious remarks. Why do you take offense to that?

  5. I will be traveling to Lancaster as I have done many times this season. Although, I never look forward to it because just about every time I go to Lancaster I am treated like crap by Barnstormers fans and staff. So please forgive me if I don’t roll out the red carpet for Barnstormers fans who come to York. I could be rude and treat them the way they treat my family & I but instead I just choose to ignore them.

  6. You may think there are more Lancaster fans that come to York than York fans to Lancaster, but in reality unless your taking a a verbal poll at the gates you never know… We as York fans don’t have to flaunt it when our team appreciates us for just being there.

  7. The beauty part about Rev Rumblings is that our moderator allows disenting opinion….

    Maybe you should try that over at “Stormin…I find it funny y’all have to validate your losing season by coming over and starting stuff here. But try and post something over there and suddenly its removed….hmmm…..what’s the best way to keep people IGNORANT…control the information….

    I have to agree you’re moderator might as well be named Goebels…but that joke is probabyl lost on 99.999% of Lancaster folks anyways…

    And Boom is right…if we used a stupid bell at every single little insignificant moment over at the Clip…oh my god…I’d hate to see the comments then

  8. wow..even nicer rip on my user name. You just continue to prove my points. Good for you..
    I definitely do agree with you about the moderation over there….not a day goes by that “Mr Guarante” doesnt remove something I try and post so dont rip me for that. Make some comments about how “nice” the players are or brownies or things like that and those comments will stay but if you want to actually talk intelligently…those are moderated right off. Also might try sucking up to the king of our blog….haha… he’s a real prince.Trust me I know what you are saying about that. I couldn’t agree with you more.
    I did not come over here to rip any of you nor did I come over here to start anything. In actuality I came here to congratulate you all…but found comments that were insulting and felt the need to respond. I am not trying to validate our losing season either..up until the last couple weeks or so we sucked. ( and this coming from a fullseason ticket holder) I know it and those fans last night know it as well..but thats no reason to not support them anymore either. Going to road games is what we do…not saying thats bad or good for York or anyone else…but I don’t yet understand what is wrong with cowbells or cheering or wearing red…if it bugs you so much try and recreate that atmosphere at your ballpark. We are proud of our team and we support them…vocally!
    If you don’t like the cowbells or the noise

  9. ..its your ballpark…take advantage of it!

  10. 243 I understand you’re points..I really do…but in all honest..be real

    The cowbell is fine, and I even think its kinda neat when used properly

    Like when a run is scored, or a homer, strike out, out whatever. But for every single little strike…come on…

    It’s not so much that we (kind of assuming a lot there in generalizing York’s opinion) hate the bell all together…what bothers us is that it is sooo constant, and I’m not exagerating there at all. It really was every single strike thrown at one point…a tad ridiculous don’t you think

    Also, I find it sort of convenient how you ignored the last scenario presented by 243ShootBlanks…

    He’s dead on with the fact that if Yorkers came to the Clip and made some sort of annoying (when over-used) noise on every single little thing…I fear the comments that would follow.

    You have to agree there, to disagree with that logic is to be totally naive.

    And thank you for being a Stormer fan who isn’t afraid to blast Guarante. I too think its sort of a joke to run a total fluff blog.

    Good luck in ’09

  11. Well I know that the jokes here are sparking a little too much squabling, but I have to make this one. It’s all in fun, so if y’all wanna get mad, then get mad I guess…

    Hahaha here’s a mock Bud Light Commercial for Lancaster, if you’ve heard these commercials before you’ll understand (the stuff in parentheses is the dude singing in the background)

    Vlud Light presents REAL MEN OF GENIOUS:

    Today was salute you Mr. Bawl Baby Barnstormer Fan

    You brave losing track of your loved ones, all for the sake of making noise on the road with a silly bell (Where did my wife go?)

    You also posses the uncanny ability to make that same bell pointless by ringing it every chance you get no matter how insignificant the moment. (Look! LeCroy’s eating a doughnut (ring ring ring))

    Except when you’re down by 9 (I’m totally fair weather)

    When people point this out to you, all you can muster for a comeback is “DORK” or “Fork York” (I’m so damn clever)

    You also feel offended by a simple light-hearted hat shuffle that even a 5 year old would find funny (I still got it wrong!!)

    So crack open a cold Vlud Light ‘Stomer fan, Opening day is only 6 months away!

    While you might have a 2006 Atlantic League Title (Livin in the past, that was eons ago) 2008 is over and done with…


  12. So I decided to see how the other half lives…i.e. checked out Barnstormin’ and amongst all the York-bashing posts I foudn the epitome of someone having no life.

    This is a direct quote from a poster who’ll remain nameless (if y’all wanna find out who simply search aroudn their site some)

    “Nice job tonight guys. I plan on wearing my replica championship ring the rest of the weekend. Just to show York we have one.”

    Hahahaha Are you serious?? You have a REPLICA Atlantic League championship ring.

    What a loser. Dude, one its the A-league not the MLB. Even if my favorite MLB team won a title I would never dream of getting a replica ring.

    What position did you play bro? Hahah why do I get visions of a complete loser dressed in a home-made ‘Stomers Jersey, wearing the rin and playing wiffle ball with th neighbor hood kids and then having them douse him with gatorade at the end of thegame and screaming “LANCASTER 2006 Atlantic Leage CHAMPS BABY!!”

    Then all the parents are secretly alerting authorities to check up on this guy becaus they consider his delusions a tad creepy HAhahaha


  13. I don’t care about the cowbells – you can barely hear them where I sit anyway – and I don’t care about cheering. Also, who cares if you wear red..it also happens to be one of York’s colors so go ahead. The only problem I have is you Barnstormers fans try to act like you’re all perfect and we’re scum. I’ve been treated terribly at the Clip, got dirty looks for cheering on the Revs and had rude comments made towards me. But whatever you guys are so perfect, I’ll just let you keep believing that.
    I love traveling for Revs games and hope I can do it more often next season. However, I’ll probably end up in Southern Maryland because their fans are extremely nice and know a thing or two about hospitality.

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