A look back at: Aaron Myette

Editor’s Note: This is the second installment in a series examining the performance of players who suited up for the York Revolution in 2008.

Back in April, when York Revolution starters were assembling their own sick wing at York Hospital, Revolution manager Chris Hoiles was looking for an opening night starter.

He turned to a man who hadn’t thrown a pitch professionally in two years. Hoiles gave the ball to Aaron Myette.

“I thought I had enough of baseball, but last year I started getting the itch to play again,” Myette said prior to his first start of the year. “I pitched for 10 years, plus college and high school, and I think your arm just gets worn down. The (two-year) break was great for that.”

Myette had battled nerve problems in his pitching arm during a comeback attempt in Japan in 2005. He described the experience with a bit of color — he said it was like he was sticking his finger in a light socket over and over.

But that’s not the injury that ultimately led to Myette’s undoing in a York Revolution uniform. A pesky ankle injury plagued him all year and that ailment eventually forced the Canadian to hang it up again on July 26.

So how did Myette fare in his cameo with the Revs? Well, there were mixed results.

Like many of York’s starters, Myette was brilliant one week and horrible the next. He struck out 10 hitters in eight innings in a win at Camden on July 10 but followed that up two starts later with a clunker. He served up nine earned in 4.1 innings in a start at home against Somerset.

That would prove to be Myette’s last outing for York and the Revs didn’t have much trouble filling the void he left in the starting rotation. Rolando Viera signed with York about two weeks after Myette’s departure.

But what many forget is that Myette is the owner of one of the most impressive resumes in Revolution history. He pitched in parts of six different seasons in the majors for a slew of clubs. And he also picked up a save in the Olympics, pitching for Team Canada during the Canadians’ fourth-place finish in the 2004 Olympics.

It’s just too bad that Myette couldn’t recapture that kind of success while pitching for York.


4 Responses

  1. Is there a possibility of Myette returning to baseball when/if his ankle heals? Or is he done for good?

  2. I’d assume he’s done with the way he left the team and the fact that he just turned 31 a few days ago.

    But his velocity was certainly encouraging. Myette was throwing harder than anyone on the Revs’ staff for awhile (low 90s). Of course, that was before Travis Phelps’ return to health and the re-acquisition of Franklin Nunez.

  3. Speaking of Nunez, what’s the deal with him? Any possibility of a return next season, or is he finished in a Rev’s uniform?

  4. With the success Nunez had pitching in Mexico in the early part of the year, one would have to imagine he would try to pitch there again in ’09.

    I don’t have a good feel for Nunez. I’ve only had one conversation with him and that was through a translator.

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