Hoiles: Contract in the mail

revs hoiles

Who knew that a harmless, coincidental meeting between two friends in a hotel lobby in Las Vegas could cause this much of a ruckus?

Well, unfortunately, Chris Hoiles found himself in a precarious situation after running into MASN’s Roch Kubatko at Major League Baseball’s winter meetings this week.

After the two caught up for a bit, Kubatko went on to write that Hoiles had yet to sign his contract to return as York Revolution manager — thus leaving Revolution nation dumbfounded on whether the only skipper they have ever known would return for another year. (Atlantic League Baseball News pointed out Kubatko’s post on Dec. 9).

But the entire speculation of Hoiles joining the Baltimore Orioles’ staff is entirely premature. Yes, he would like to work for the organization he spent 10 years with some day. But nothing is imminent, Hoiles has his contract to return to the Revolution — although it won’t be signed and mailed until Monday, when he returns from Vegas — and it seems that this entire scenario was a misunderstanding.

Hoiles was at the winter meetings with Adam Gladstone, the Revolution’s director of baseball operations, to spread the word about the Atlantic League and to touch base with players and agents. He also got the opportunity to see many old friends and to visit with his agent for the first time since his playing career ended. But the trip to the gambling mecca of the world was not an expedition in search of another job.

Hoiles also made a good point, which I agree with — even if he was moving on, why should that decision be viewed any differently from a player trying to utilize the Atlantic League to find a better opportunity?

“I’m like a player also, and if my goal is to be in the Atlantic League in 15 years, I’m in it for the wrong reasons,” Hoiles said in a telephone interview.

It’s also important to note that this entire situation with Hoiles’ contract could have been avoided easily. If the Revolution had resigned Hoiles in a more reasonable amount of time — as it did in 2007 — none of this speculation would have been possible.

Hoiles even spoke out about the way his contract status was handled after the Revs’ exodus from the playoffs and he’s not necessarily backing away from that stance now.

“I still stand behind that,” said Hoiles, who said the way the situation was handled “left a bad taste in his mouth.” But they (Opening Day Partners) have a lot on their plate. I have the contract in hand and it will be signed and in the mail come Monday.”   

So there you have it. Hoiles will be back to man the Revs’ dugout for a third year.


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