What we’ve all been waiting for…

RL v Stewartstown

My apologies for the long hiatus. The mystique of wrestling singlets has consumed my every moment lately.

As many of you undoubtedly already realize, even with the York Revolution’s 2009 season more than two months away, there is still plenty to discuss. We’ll tackle the pertinent issues in bullet-form fashion.

1) A group of Susquehanna and Central League all-stars will face the Revolution in an exhibition game on April 18 at Fan Fest.

Local sandlot fans and townball players have been calling for this game since the Revolution arrived in town. Now they’ll finally get their chance against a group of likely former major leaguers and minor league veterans.

If nothing else, this game should provide plenty of intrigue and excitement. But spring training — as many of you know — is typically the time when Atlantic Leaguers are at their weakest, especially pitchers. Many pitchers new to the league are used to six weeks of spring training and the AL’s 10-day spring usually gives them fits (see: Corey Thurman).

Yet the Susquehanna and Central League will be dealing with this same issue and likely another large one: the absence of some quality players. The lifeblood of some teams on the local circuit is young, college players. And this game will take place during the college season. So you can count out Jacobus’ Jason Christenberry, a solid pitcher, among others.

Still, the group of 30 all-stars from the York area don’t plan on laying down.

“I think we can be competitive with them,” Red Lion manager Clint Workinger (pictured on the right in the above photo) said recently. “Their pitching is pretty tough and they might beat the tar out of us. But I think we can go in there and hold our own. I’m not saying we’ll beat them, but we won’t be embarrassed.”

 2) The World Baseball Classic may have an effect on the Atlantic League.

gladstoneI talked to Adam Gladstone (pictured), the Revolution’s director of baseball operations, awhile back and he mentioned this as a possibility. Here’s the thought process: major league organizations are lending a lot of their talent to the WBC, which takes place throughout most of the month of March. Thus, veteran players who may have been cast aside quickly in previous years could find an opportunity to latch on with a major league organization this spring.

If this development does come to fruition, that means Atlantic League teams will be forced to wait even longer to field rosters. And as we all know, there is a lot to be said for constructing a sound nucleus in spring training. That’s exactly what led to York’s second-half turnaround and playoff run in 2008.

 3) We have a new Revolution blog to welcome to the family.

The every move of former Revolution players is being chronicled on another blog called Revolution Alumni Report. There’s some good stuff there, especially on Juan Padilla’s participation in the Caribbean World Series.

I plan to continue to keep tabs on former Revs as well, but in the opinion of those of us at Revolution Rumblings, you can’t have enough independent baseball blogs.

*John Pavoncello photo.


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  1. Thanks for the mention of my new blog. I haven’t seen any regularly updated fan blogs for the Revolution so I thought I’d give it a try.

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