Totten also back in affiliated ball

Perhaps it’s because he only spent four games in a York Revolution uniform, but I completely missed Heath TottenĀ re-signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers in the recent transaction report from Baseball America.

tottenTotten, 30, was cut by the Minnesota Twins’ organization a season ago and joined York while the team was in Lancaster. He put up a 7.94 ERA in his four outings out of the bullpen and was thought to be a potential starter for the Revs before he was quickly scooped up by the Dodgers, nearly setting the record for shortest stint with York (Steve Schmoll’s record of 26 hours will be pretty tough to break).

The Port Arthur, Tex. native went on to have a pretty decent year at Triple-A Las Vegas. He posted a 4.30 ERA in 13 starts and compiled an 8-5 record with a 37-10 strikeout-to-walk ratio. Those numbers were even more incredible when you consider he surrendered 105 hits in 73.1 innings.

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A-Rod and the Atlantic League steroid quagmire

We’d be remissed here at Revolution Rumblings if we failed to bring up what the Alex Rodriguez steroid admission means for the Atlantic League.

alex-rodriguez1Perhaps not much, one might think. But there’s a familiar indy league argument that comes up any time the steroid topic is brought up.

Example: Lifelong Triple-A guy (think Chris Ashby) is passed over time and time again for the big call-up to the majors. The guys who keep passing him by are performance-enhancing drug users — yet no one knows it at the time. It’s only later that this information of drug use comes to light and the hypotheticals start to circulate.

How much money did this Triple-A veteran lose out on? Might that one shot in the big leagues have led to an extended opportunity? Or here’s the most numbing: was a man who played by the rules deprived of his cup of coffee at The Show partly because of a bunch of cheaters?

It’s a sad thought really. But of course, that’s only one side of this debate.

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